Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announced for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

Sega has spent the past week teasing a new Valkyria game, and the much anticipated reveal has finally come. It's Valkyria Chronicles 4!

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Obscure_Observer270d ago

Awesome news. Xbox One version incoming. Phil Spencer´s trips to Japan is paying off.

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-Foxtrot270d ago

Lol...every opportunity to paint Phil like the God damn messiah

You know he probably just went to Japan for a general holiday and decided to stop in at a few studios because he was there.

I could believe that rather then him having long convos to get their games on the Xbox One.

BlaqMagiq1270d ago

So his trip made it come to PS4 and Switch? Shouldn't he be getting Xbox exclusives over there?

TankCrossing270d ago

Pffft holiday? I feel you are deliberately under-estimating the legendary Phil Spencer!


He went to Japan to cancel Scalebound.

_-EDMIX-_270d ago

or Sega wants to see if they can make money....

Could be a first to come to XB.....could be the last too.

Automatic79269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

It is paying off Valkyria Chronicles, Monster Hunter, Black Desert Online, Code Vein, Attack of the titans, Dragon Ball Z, Sword of Art Online Bullet, plus more. Anyone in denial is hating on Xbox One.

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DJK1NG_Gaming270d ago

More JRPG greatness on Switch. I still need to get back to playing Valkryia Chronicles on Steam.

ZaWarudo270d ago

No PC? didn't Valkyria Chronicles sell really well on Steam? I remember hearing it did.

gamejediben270d ago

It sold way above expectations on Steam but most developers like to launch on consoles first and then release the Steam version several months later. I fully expect to see VC4 on Steam some months after the console editions.

DJK1NG_Gaming270d ago

Should've been PC/Steam instead of Xbox One.
Wrong move on Sega part.

DJK1NG_Gaming270d ago

Why? I am getting the Switch version.
I have the first game on Steam as well. So cry harder for what?
Unlike you I rather have Sega and the developers make a profit than lose money on a version that won't even break 10k sold.

NoPeace_Walker270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

"But...but...Xbox has no new games." We been hearing that everyday here on N4G. Now, a new game (a japanese cult RPG classic sequel) as well, is coming for Xbox gamers, and the people here are mad...again. LoL

I am getting the Switch version for portability and the X version for best console home version. Thank you Sega, I am buying two copies to support you for supporting all consoles . 👍🏼

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moegooner88270d ago

“ But...but...Xbox has no new games." We been hearing that everyday here on N4G. Now, a new game (a japanese cult RPG classic sequel) as well, is coming for Xbox gamers, and the people here are mad...again. LoL “

The fact that you are rejoicing this much over a multiplat available on all systems pretty much reflects the level of desperation Xbox only gamers have reached. Bit on the sad side tbh.

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bluefox755270d ago

Would make more sense, it'd sell a lot better on Steam than Xbox, I'm sure they'll release a PC version after the success of the first one.

Why o why270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

I agree with wooly in the fact you can't know if you don't put it out there but Xbox owners tend to shun and downplay these games. . I've read terms like 'too Japanese' and 'Niche' used by the fanbase on way too many occasions over the years. If it wasn't coming to Xbox I doubt too many people would of battered an eyelid but look at the gloat by some talking about multiplat superiority already. Lol

Last gen, Ms made a more concerted effort to bring more games like this to their platform. They even got a few exclusives. This gen it seems ms are just happy to be involved.

It's a good franchise wooly. I hope enough Xbox people share your view. You have to start somewhere

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_-EDMIX-_270d ago do you know they are not making a PC version later?

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TheGamez100270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

It probably will seeing as azure did too.

NewMonday270d ago

also coming to PC according to another story

Vegamyster270d ago

According to Steamspy it sold 959k, the PS3 version sold 1.27 Million in comparison.

_-EDMIX-_270d ago

They might be putting it on PC later on

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Gemmol270d ago

switch just keeps on getting and getting

The 10th Rider270d ago

By 2019 I imagine just about every major Japanese release will be on Switch, on top of all the Japanese series that were previously on Vita and 3DS. It's going to be a great console for Japanese games. Hopefully they can keep up at least some support from Bethesda, Ubisoft and Rockstar as well.