‘Super Mario Odyssey’s’ Ten Most Difficult Moons

Most of the moons in Super Mario Odyssey are simple to find, but here are ten that pose quite the challenge.

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Kun_ADR152d ago

What is this madness? I thought Mario Oddessy is super duper ultra extreme easy?

blawren4152d ago

It truly is as hard as you want it to be which is my definition of a game being accessible. People said the same thing about Galaxy 1 completing the game with 60 stars and stopping. Getting to the credits is really only half of the game. The challenge is there to be found if anyone wants the challenge. That being said, I did feel it was very easy to beat the main story, but if anyone stops there, they aren't getting their money's worth and are doing themselves a disservice. So much more opens up then, not to mention the many moons you missed along the way.

Kun_ADR152d ago

I feel like they made the main story easy on purpose to attract the casual and the kids. But for us adults gamer, they had also added difficult challenges to quench our thirst.

This is why this game is so accessible. Anyone can play it and have a great time.

TallonIV152d ago

That end level when you hit 500 moons was hard as nails!

SR388152d ago

I'm on 809 moons now :)

TallonIV152d ago

Nice, don't know if I'll make it that far!

SR388152d ago

It's not that hard I'd say out of like 800 about 20 are tricky ...

SR388152d ago

And I love your name and pic :p

GamingSinceForever152d ago

I couldn't get the one the sand kingdom where you have to ride the missile in the reverse direction.

AlexKidd316152d ago

The one in the article? Apparently motion controls help if you shake like a madman.

GamingSinceForever152d ago

No on Thisbe one you are undeground riding missiles that are above the lava. The missiles actually time out in you if you don't move fast enough. It's very difficult to steer through the maze.

I will try motion controls.