Top 20 Xbox Games (20-11)

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Microsoft’s first console holds a very special in the hearts of many gamers. The ‘beast’ as it was called in some circles absolutely trounced its competitors when it came to raw power allowing near-PC level games to be playable on your TV for the first time ever. But beyond processing power the system is also to thank for pushing the standardization of online gameplay, something which today is a must have, no matter how you decide to play games. So in honor of Microsoft’s big, green tank and to maybe remind Microsoft of which games need to end up on the Xbox One store (wink, wink) we’re counting down the Top 20 Best Xbox Games."

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Aceman18389d ago

Splinter cell was awesome, I played beyond G&E on gamecube, and burnout 3 on PS2