SI Review: Aggression: Reign over Europe

Strategy Informer writes: "We love the smell of war games in the morning. Reality aside, warfare makes for a brilliant video gaming setting. Whether it's the Romans, the fall of the British Empire, the American War of Independence or the age old favourite World War I / II, conflict has occupied the gaming populace since the beginning of time. It's hardly surprising when you consider the inherent want for destruction brooding in every human being.

Being able to replay history quells any shouts of "If I was in charge, I'd have noticed Hitler." Here's your chance to do that. Most WWI / II games give you specific units, scenarios and historical recreations and asks you to either replicate the tactical prowess of the allied / axis forces or change history. Aggression: Reign Over Europe gives you a setting (early twentieth century Europe) and a choice of countries with the aim being war."

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