When Games Get (a little too) Real - Yakuza 0

Jerry from BagoGames says, "In this original editorial, Jerry Dobracki discusses the downside to realism in games, and how Yakuza 0 brought realism to a point that was too close to home"

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FullmetalRoyale338d ago

Yeah, I did it. So what? If I could go back in time I’d do do it again. That boy just wanted a magazine!

R6ex338d ago

Dang! I need this realistic game! ;p

Retard338d ago

Thumbnail is awesome for the article. Literally has nothing to do what the author is complaining about.

Segata338d ago

This game's story is so amazing. Easily my favorite game of the year. This idiot focuses on one OPTIONAL side mission.

FullmetalRoyale338d ago

Zero was my first Yakuza game, and the story really blew me away. Particularly Majima’s.
Some excellent storytelling there.

TomatoDragon338d ago

Got this game in my stack after finishing Toukiden 2. Can’t wait.