Do We Really Need Another Article on EA's Microtransactions? - 1 Minute Rant

"Of course we do. A million times yes. There are probably already thousands of other articles out there on the internet, but we cannot let our outrage at what’s happening to the industry fade. Otherwise games will soon become mere platforms for advertising more content if we're not careful. And we must be careful, and make sure our voices are heard every time the line is crossed. By buying a game like Star Wars Battlefront II, we stand to lose so much more by supporting microtransactions, than what we gain in enjoyment from playing it." - writes Ben Hutchings, Gamer Professionals.

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PrimeVinister364d ago

Haha I love the mild flame title.

But the piece itself is also really good. Wholly agree with yer man. This principle is too important, the stakes are too high.

strayanalog364d ago

No we probably don't need another one, but sadly EA is counting on us all to forget, so this topic shouldn't be pushed aside either. All players should be aware of this and pass it along, just as gaming journalists need to prove their worth. Never forget. EA needs a push and the industry needs a reminder about this problem before microtransactions are eventually everywhere.

Newmanator363d ago

Did you read the first sentence of the first paragraph of the excerpt up top???

bluefox755363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Yes. A clear message needs to be sent. Great video.

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