Eurogamer Interviews Microsoft's John Schappert

Eurogamer: "A year ago, who would have predicted that come October 2008 Xbox 360 sales would be exceeding PS3 in Japan? Or that Microsoft would be making the most headlines at the Tokyo Game Show? But that's exactly what's happened, which must be good news for John Schappert.

He's the corporate vice president of live, software and studios within Microsoft's entertainment and devices division - the boss of Xbox Live, in other words. As you'll know if you read our live text coverage, his keynote speech at TGS included some important announcements regarding the launch of the New Xbox Experience and a new Halo 3 standalone expansion pack.

Afterwards, Eurogamer and a few other journalists sat down with Schappert for a roundtable interview about 360's newfound popularity, NXE, the importance of innovation and more. Here's what he had to say."

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