Mygen Preview: Crysis Warhead

Mygen writes: "Starting with a quick movie sequence that introduces the gamer to the point in which Warhead joins the Crysis story, players are launched into a far more action packed game when compared to the original. For new players this is a bit of a set-back, the story in Warhead is very, very vague if you've never played the original game, and if you have you'll need to be listening in closely to pick up the points of reference to the original story. First timers really miss a lot by jumping straight into Warhead though, and its here that one of the biggest flaws of the game becomes evident, it relies on the storyline quite a lot. That said though, players of the first game will find Warhead adding a lot to the story, those that complained about the first not being overly in-depth can quite easily jump in and learn a lot more about the happenings on the island during their time there."

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