Schappert - "I don't know" when GTA IV DLC will be released

Eurogamer: "John Schappert, the man in charge of Xbox Live, has admitted he's no idea when we'll see the downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Last we heard, the DLC - which is exclusive to Xbox 360 - was down to be released "this autumn".

But, well, it's October now. So during a roundtable interview at the Tokyo Game Show, we asked Schappert whether we will indeed see the content this side of Christmas.

"Frankly, I don't know," said the Xbox Live boss. "Rockstar are the people to ask for that."

He went on to add, "I hope as a gamer, just like I'm sure you do as a gamer, the sooner the better. I can't wait for it." Even though, Schappert confirmed, he hasn't had the chance to give it a play as yet.

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HighDefinition3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

R* does. It`s 2009. I can`t believe MSFT is trying to act like the dont know.

dro3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

and to think they spent 50million :/
and here i am thinking how im gonna get enough money to do christmas shoping with the current economic crisis that is going on!!!!

Lanoire3270d ago

Didnt Rockstar said next year?
So why the fk did you lie last E3 when everyone already knew you werent getting it this fall.

Montrealien3270d ago

PR people`s cups are always half full, if they where half empty, they would not be doing their jobs. With that said, it would be nice to know wtf is going on with this crap, why so secretive?

whoelse3270d ago

They can't admit that they got it wrong about fall 08.

ChrisGTR13270d ago

the haters always hate eh? i want it to be out now, but hey , creating san andreas takes a while you know.ahahah. it hasnt taken them this long just to create a "map pack". this is going to be a huge expansion people, the size of the oblivion expansions.

Cenobia3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I don't think its going to be nearly as big as you think it is. The best they could do is another island. Anything bigger and it'd just be space. I'm assuming they'd have to populate the new area with missions and stuff, so I wouldn't hope for anything as grand in scale as SA.

Also, you'd have to wonder the price point for something that large. If its as big as they imply (or even just another island), it's going to be at least $30. I know I wouldn't pay it, but I'm not really interested. I got the PS3 version, and found the game disappointing anyway. As long as it R* didn't cut anything from the original game to put it in the DLC, I don't really care what it turns out to be.

Edit: Nevermind about the price point. You obviously already assumed that reading your comment below. I'm just wondering whether people will be willing to pay that for a game that (imo) was damaged by a head on collision with the hype train. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft's investment pays off.

iHEARTboobs3270d ago

Whether it's big or not, thats pretty bad PR. You spend so much money on DLC, you let 360 owners and potential owners know about the DLC to have them buy the 360 version. Then when asked where it is you act like you don't know. What's with the soap opera between MS and R*? Can't BOTH just confirm a date?

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juuken3270d ago


You clearly spent 50million dollars on exclusive content and you don't know when it'll be released.

Microsoft, you crack me up.

kurochi3270d ago

those were my exact thoughts......
50 MILS!!! How can you not know when to expect a product after paying that amt. of money?

I'm wondering where all the fanboys are for MS in this instance? I hate fanboys.

rhood0223270d ago

MS is obviously a multi-billion dollar company, so I suspect they know how to get the most out of their investments.

But paying $50 million for the idea of DLC with no concrete schedule on a physical product seems kind of wasteful.


1. MS knew it was coming in 2009 and continued to push it as a fall release in hopes of driving more GTA sales this holiday.

2. MS is releasing it in 2009, along with all their other planned DLC, during the traditionally slow spring and summer months.

creeping judas3270d ago

"I'm wondering where all the fanboys are for MS in this instance? I hate fanboys"

the 360 fanboys are commenting negative on PS3 news, and the PS3 fanboys are here commenting negative on 360 news.

GiantEnemyCrab3270d ago

My question is why do you even care?? Since you don't even own the system and you won't be playing it anyway.

I do agree however that the longer the DLC takes to get here the less it will sell. After the holiday season GTA IV is going to become further and further a footnote and MS has wasted some serious $$$.

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dro3270d ago

tnks for the info regarding my psn problem, its now fixed, sony finally picked up the phone.. ;D

Coke-a-Cola3270d ago

I wonder how well it will sell............ ( No doubt it will be good )

ChrisGTR13270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

lost inrest? there making a whole new game here you know. the houser bros said it would be something so big they could market it as a stand alone product. so expect this to be an official expansion pack and for this to be sold in stores for 30$ or something.
im actually quite shure its going to be san andreas add on as it says so on the rockstarsocialclub.

yea it has taken a while, but think about it. its been like 6 months of development time, it took 11 months to make the whole game of vice city..

3270d ago
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