Super Mario Odyssey Trailers vs Retail Nintendo Switch Graphics Comparisons

Even if Nintendo First Part Games rarely becomes benchmarks in terms of graphics it is still fun to watch how they can evolve during development process. Let’s have a look at Super Mario Odyssey recently released on Switch and compare its final version with reveal and E3 2017 gameplay trailers. How many differences can you spot?

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WickedLester388d ago

To my eyes the trailer showed better contrast and texture detail. However the differences are minimal.

UKRsoldja388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

And it's not a very good looking game overall. 720p is yucky ducky, plain textures and that aliasing. Eew..

If Nintendo wants to see how to do good looking open world games, they need to look at Metal Gear. 1080/60 with great graphics. But then again, the Switch is too weak for realistic graphics.

Shiken388d ago

Meanwhile the Switch has the best open world game out right now, yet you think Nintendo needs to see how it is done? Most open world games on PS4 and X1 are at their core, the same ones we played on PS360 with higher resolution and a different plot.

thesoftware730387d ago

lmao. That is one of the Lamest comments I have heard all day. "It cant Run realistic graphics" lol so dumb.

Which Metal Gear? the switch could run part 4 and that game still looks great. I'm sure it can run V as well and make it look great.

NextGenCeo388d ago

This is Nintendo of course retail be better. Not like UBISOFT!

Picture_Dancer388d ago

This is shiety as$ graphics so what would you expect!?

BTW many elements has been downgraded :/

thesoftware730387d ago

I take it you call them shit graphics because of the cartoon nature of them?

Because I have the game and it looks really nice on my Switch screen and on my T.V.

Quetza388d ago

Just another company that lies to us. There were supposed to be no shadows.

LordoftheCritics387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Lmao. I see what you did there.

I'm surprised you got disagrees.