FW 2.50: Between 13th & 19th October

Thesixthaxis wrote: 'Our friends over at eLhabib have just let us know that the next PS3 Firmware update will be between the 13th and the 19th of October. Basically, at some point next week. There should also be another PSP update around the same time'

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dro3515d ago

what dose this do,im kinda tired with all the updates all the time with out any noticable improvemnts... :/

it better b for home.

thor3515d ago

Don't get your hopes up.


Its a update for UFC streaming in highdef through the ps3............

LOL, nah. but i wish.

I wonder if microsoft tried to buy this firmware update from sony, they seem to be buying everything in hopes of staying relevant in this console war. TIME is running out, little green box that couldnt take down goliath((we all know you tried every little dirty trick in the book, too.)..........



PAY BEYOND....M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$

Conan9973515d ago

This is the firmware update that will include in-game screenshots.

But that is all that is known at this time

ThanatosDMC3515d ago

2.5 FW will transform all out PS3 into some miniature transformers and they will combine together to form Optimus Prime Godzilla!!!

or be able to allow us to vid chat and watch friends play thier games via online?? I hope...

StephanieBBB3515d ago

This firmware update will bring, *Ingame screenshots. *Support/interface for the new official Sony headset. And Probably some support for home thats coming out soon.

If Cross-game invites and ingame voice chat is included I can't tell but I sure hope so.

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LiquifiedArt3515d ago

For all those newer model's without BC as a standard feature. :) You may have to pay for it 25-50$ or something, but its worth it if you have a library of ps2 games woot!

G1L3515d ago

Where did u get that info from?

thor3515d ago

Don't get your hopes up.

rev203515d ago

Yeh and Halo and Gears of war are coming to the ps3.............


Fishy Fingers3515d ago

Not sure what Gears or Halo have to do with software emulation?

Either way, it is indeed rumoured that Sony have been working on said software emulation and it will come in a future FW update, whether that's 2.5 or not, who know.

rev203515d ago

Its called sarcasm fishy :D

3515d ago
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Zip3515d ago

those guys are right for the most, but I would like some specific info about what it does

y0haN3515d ago

I'd rather know WHAT it is than WHEN it is..

Fishy Fingers3515d ago

Well now you know when you'll be able to figure that out yourself ;)

thor3515d ago

It's interesting, if you post the same exact post in two different places deliberately, the second won't appear, presumably to stop double-posting. Even if you try again and again. So you have to misspell it and then edit it back.

Capt CHAOS3514d ago

Lol, Thor, I was wondering what you were upto with your post.


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The story is too old to be commented.