The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod is a must-have mod that overhauls combat & gameplay mechanics

Modder ‘Sir Reaperrz Custard McButtfuck Esq’ has released a brand new version of his incredible mod for The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition overhauls the game’s combat, sword and gameplay mechanics. This is by far the best gameplay mod for The Witcher 3 as it tweaks and adjusts numerous things.

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ONESHOTV2362d ago

only on the master platform

Bahamut362d ago

PCs are cool and all, but they lack the ease of use that consoles offer. It all comes down to preference. I have the Witcher 3 on my gaming rig PC but barely ever play it, but I DID platinum the game on my PS4. It all comes down to preference. Anyone that says otherwise is just a jackass.

MaxiPower90362d ago

It’s good to have everything,!ve the pro the X a switch, a gaming pc and a expensive gaming laptop... petty bitches choosing a console.! Get a job that pays

ONESHOTV2362d ago

Ease of use yeah it's not like a 5 year old isn't taught how to use a PC so how old are you man ? If you don't know how to use a PC in 2017 then you are a lost cause i game on both console and PC and i have no problem using both so what's wrong with you ??

tablecloth362d ago

What's so hard about PCs nowadays?

maybelovehate362d ago

Opposite here. I bought it on PS4 and PC but I just play it on PC. I mean it looks and runs terrible on PS4 lol

Gaming4Life1981362d ago

I agree that pc's are great for modding games and better graphic's but most games are not optimized on pc and I hate that. I think that's why most people enjoy consoles more, me personally I like to game on everything but lately pc games have been pissing me off so I have only been playing the xbox one x. I will mod the Witcher 3 again with this mod but honestly I'll probably end up starting over on the 1x when the enhancements drop.

Bahamut361d ago (Edited 361d ago )


Well, jack ass, since you asked, I'll tell you. I just finished pursuing my IT degree, and I know my way around a PC better than you. I have two children, so picking up the mouse and keyboard just isn't an option sometimes, jackass, because I don't have a free hand, jackass. It's called being an adult, being responsible, prioritizing my family first, and gaming when I can, jackass. You would know this if you weren't some random fat troll jackass living in his mom's basement trying to claim superiority over better people who choose to play the same games he does on a different platform than he does, like that matters, jackass.

Bahamut361d ago (Edited 361d ago )


PC's aren't "hard", just less user friendly than consoles. I can grab my PS4 controller and hit one button and the console will fire up, the TV will turn on, and it'll start me right back where I left off last time I played. On PC, I have to sit at a desk (or wherever the PC is) and grab the mouse and keyboard, then find the shortcut to the application, then load it. Then wait for it to start up, by then my 1 month old will have probably started crying because I can't hold him and use the keyboard and mouse in a way that isn't awkward. I even went out and got logitech wireless keyboard/mouse (high-end) to help with that issue, and while it helps, it's still not ideal. So you see, it isn't that using a PC is "hard", like you put it, but it's that people have DIFFERENT LIVES. I know that's hard for some to imagine. And while we're on the subject, I love the Nintendo Switch (just got it) because it allows me to play with the joy-cons separate, which lets me wrap my arms around my wife while I play (I can do this with other controllers, but remains a little awkward). Can't do that on the PC, not without buying 3rd party joy-con rip-off PC peripheral controllers, then downloading the drivers, then booting up the necessary software to.... blah blah blah, see what I mean?

tablecloth361d ago

Dude,either you're not getting your sleep or you are lying.
First of all, congrats on your baby. My nephew is almost 1 year old, but still remember how cute he was in the early months.
Secondly, take a nap instead of commenting here. All I see if prejudice, about every "fixable" steps towards playing a game on your pc. Buy a controller or use an existing one and open Steam Big Picture mode. Hook it up to your TV and solved. Any game you could play on the console can be played with a controller on pc.
I also like "wait for it to start up", as in PC games load slower??
And about the switch controllers. . . good luck getting them to work on the Ps/Xbox??? I mean that doesn't make any sense because if anything, the Pc is the closest thing to get them to work on.
Get some sleep dude, my brother was lucky his kid didn't cry so much during the night. So get your breaks whenever you can, this site isn't worth any energy compared to a probably tired mom and newborn baby.

DrumBeat361d ago

I platted it on PS4 as well. Now I bought the complete edition for Xbox One X ahead of the patch.

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Damthatsword361d ago

the cringe your comment induces on the mentally balanced is unreal...

cigi362d ago

XBOX has MOD support as well!

Razzer362d ago

I don't think Witcher 3 supports mods on console.

UCForce362d ago

I think it’s only for Skyrim.

361d ago
Bobafret362d ago

How about a mod where I don't have to be the dopey lead character?

maybelovehate362d ago

They do have that mod sort of haha. But I agree. I would much rather the game focused on Ciri as far as the core gameplay..

Bobafret362d ago

Geralt is just grating to me, especially the psuedo macho voice acting. And he looks like a beta males fevered dream of what "tough" looks like.

Damthatsword361d ago

agreed. geralt is very...terrible.

WelkinCole361d ago

You obviously have not read the books

Bahamut361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

If you knew anything about the story, you would understand why Geralt is the way he is. But you'd rather remain focused on his physical attributes that obviously make you jealous (it's just a game man) due to your own personal insecurities. First off, Geralt was stripped of all emotion during his time training as a Witcher (part of the story, part of the series of novels), resulting in his lack of emotion, or "dopeyness" as you call it. Next he was put through rigorous training (understatement) that put him in the shape he's in (also part of the story, the books). So yes, he may be cooler and more attractive than you, but it's all part of the story, so don't get jealous, just enjoy the game. Or be a little girl about it, no one cares. Your loss.

Bobafret361d ago

Sorry man, I am 6'7" 265 pounds and in great shape, so um, not jealous. Sorry that opinions bother you so much.

Bahamut361d ago


Oh no, did I make it seem like I was bothered? I'm sorry, no, I'm not bothered. It's just that your opinion is shit, and I wanted to let you know so you could fix that. I'm looking out for you, buddy.

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Enturax361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Sigh, nothing interesting enough, mostly stats stuff. W3 is, without a doubt, good, but its lackluster, casualized gameplay with dumb mobs' AI and boring bosses prove that people are overrating this game because they're a dumb fanboys or a newbies/bad players (when it comes to this genre), or simply people with low standards (when it comes to combat mechanics, at least). And don't even try to defend it because the only worthwhile things about W3 are: the storytelling (not even the story itself, TBH) characters' acting and... amazing weather effects. Seriously, they're very diverse and look really nice!
Also, not saying the rest is bad, just not something that some other games didn't do much better.

Damthatsword361d ago

agreed. i actually found this game to be unbelievably overrated and a slog to get through. if it wasnt for the music and scenery, i wouldve stopped playing quite a while ago..

Bahamut361d ago

You can call it overrated all you want, but it doesn't make you any less wrong. It's like flat earth theorists, you know? They swear, until they're blue in the face that it's flat, but we all know the real answer. So yeah, you're wrong.