Amazon PS4 Exclusive Game Sale Under $20

Are you looking to purchase some new PlayStation 4 exclusive titles for your PS4? If so, Amazon is featuring a handful of deals on sale under $20 exclusively for PS4 gamers.

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mikeslemonade388d ago

I will pick up Knack 2 other than that I played like everything.

Eidolon388d ago

Seen it at $10, and Zero Dawn at several places for $20 or cheaper.

C-H-E-F388d ago

knack 2 is good, but i think the story on knack 1 was better. Knack 2 felt like they want you to assume you know the story of whats going on now. lOl however, the hardest difficulty is still ridiculous lOl, the hardest game to date still and I played Horizon on Ultra Hard Difficulty lOl.

S2Killinit388d ago

3 of the best games in history are there. How is it meh?

Eidolon388d ago

The games are great, just the prices aren't good with BF around the corner..

S2Killinit388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

For 20 bucks? As low as 10? Im not sure what you mean. Where can you find prices like that?

Then there is:
PS4 at the “magic” 199
PSVR plus game at 299.
Looks pretty anazing to me.