Player 2 Plays - Darkest Dungeon

This week's episode of P2 plays takes a journey through the depressing rogue-like, Darkest Dungeon. Check it out.

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dolfa394d ago

Who is this guy and how is he relevant with a more than year old game on a gaming news? Remove this.

SpamnJam394d ago

And who are you to decide what people want to see? Leave it, a good game that deserves more press.

dolfa393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I dont have problem with the game it self, i own it on steam since relelease i love the game aswell as the soundtrack. I have problem when are gaming news filled with advertisement for streamers. This kind of stuff doesnt belong into news.
I wonder who okayed this, probably bunch of his fanboys or he himself with fake accounts.

Footyspacecadet394d ago

"I don't like this so that means no one will"

JoeBloggs394d ago

This is an awesome game that people like.... why shouldn't it be the subject of a re-visit? Who died and made you lord and master?

dolfa393d ago

Yes the game is awesome i agree. Advertising your streaming channel on news website is not. If this continues this website will become streamer cesspool.