Mojang Reaffirms Minecraft Switch Crossplay Coming Next Year

Minecraft Switch may not have crossplay, but Mojang has reassured it's in the works for next year. Will this be the end of console wars?!?

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Zero_Suit_Samus387d ago

But I thought it was easy as flipping a switch? Smh.

maybelovehate387d ago

On the PS4 it is, x86 architecture. Switch is using a mobile processor lol

Gemmol386d ago

he was not talking about that, but it do sucks ps4 have all that, and wont get any of new minecraft features next year, graphic update with cross play

Apocalypse Shadow387d ago

One cross play game does NOT end a competition. If it did, then Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft should just merge and become "So-nin-soft." Soninsoft.

And the next unified console is the Playswitch X: The final console.

TheVigilanteCode386d ago

There's no need for them to unify and make one console and all their software on one ecosystem. They'll make less money that way and it's bad for us as consumers stuck in a monopoly, let alone first party exclusives bringing in more competitive nature between the 3 big companies.

What they really need to do is kill PC crossplay and unite the 3 consoles together in ALL 3rd party multiplayer games.

UKRsoldja386d ago

Eew. I don't wish to play with filthy Switch casuals.