Tons of PlayStation Home screenshots

PS3-Sense posted up the full third party partner companies of PlayStation Home plus tons of screenshots. Some of the screenshots are from the official PlayStation Japan site and some are homemade by a beta tester.

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THC CELL3517d ago

looks better than any other mii/xbot network

Lanoire3517d ago

The good news just dont stop rolling in.

PS3 is really cleaning house.
Whats surprising though, is that SE is not listed. Its clear that SE has turned their backs to Sony.

Fk them.

Montrealien3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

It can be argued that Sony turned their backs on Square. But you would not understand that, you know, since you have no clue what you are talking about.

Home does look great though,I can`t wait to have it in my Ps3. I hope you can go to people like Nasim and virtualy b*tch slap some sense in them.

It would look something like this...

Lanoire3516d ago

Mr no life. I suggest you get a life before its too late. Hahaha.

Montrealien3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

( I suggest you get a life before its too late. Hahaha)

Oh! snap! You are crazy!

You say no life, I say no clients. I like to burn time trolling the trolls, don`t like it, put me on ignore. You`re a poor troll anyways, got no game at all.

*b*tch slaps lanoire*

and don`t forget, I love sony, and their consoles, but the difference between me and you is that I don`t wear Sony underwear, and sleep in Sony bed linen.

MetalProxy3516d ago

sony linen? sounds cool where can I get that? I have the socks, and tooth paste. jk

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3516d ago

Looks FANTASTIC!!! ;-P

Why do Micro$luts never come up with things like this for???
They seem a boring P.C Gaming company...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i.e just making boring P.C games(Sorry P.C gamers!!!)and things and putting them on the xBox 360 and making out it's a Games Console!!! ;-D
LBP + HOME are a MILLION times better than things Micro$lags have thought up!!!

PS3 FTW(For The WIN!) ;-P
xBox 360 FTW(For The WINTER!!! a Heater!!!) ;-D

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Capt CHAOS3517d ago

So, where are the videos?

SonySoldiers3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

"Tons, brilliant, amazing, incredible, breathtaking, mega, superb, spectacular bla..bla.." are more than just hyperbole words in SONY's book, those words are aggresively being used by SONY fans to entice noobs to JUMP OUT.

Zip3517d ago

im not kidding you guys, for a moment I tougth it was real :S ..

Ben10543516d ago

i saw a couple of these pictures earlier and i though there was a playstation event somewhere and these are the pictures of it

muddygamesite3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

As of late i have had to question the benefits of owning such a lazy nonchalant system. What really irritates me the most is that Sony stupidly cancelled two potential system sellers (Getaway and 8 Days), to devote more time and development resources towards an irrelevant social application (HOME) that is in no way a system seller, and has been getting pushed back for eons. I am really shocked. The Beta will end whenever they want it to (By the PS7), and it will still be buggy after release.

Instead of sony to focus their resources on making new games (even sequels will help them in their present dire state), they are more interested in this? when PS3 owners are getting insecure by the day because they could loose more of their favourite exclusive Franchise they have grown up with? What a shame, after loosing Tekken 6, i just have to conclude that Sony will remain in 3rd place for this generation and the rest to come. There is absolutely no hope for them anymore. Resistance, Uncharted, and all other Sony 1st party titles will be appearing on the Xbox360 sooner or later. It wont surprise me because sony are that stupid.

I am filled with so much rage, anger and i am so furious at Sony Right now. Im looking at my PS3 right now and thinking maybe i should trade it in for a Nintendo DS and a crap load of games ? (Trust me its gotten to that point). Every day there is just one more reason not to own a PS3.

I Hope they can step it up because it is becoming ridiculous. Give us games and Not Dating Simulations.

thor3517d ago

Getaway and 8 Days were only in the early stages of development. Sony's London studio had prepared a tech demo for those games and showed it before the PS3's launch - but then they focused their efforts on singstar, mostly. That had problems licensing the songs and getting wireless mics (still don't have those wtf). The games were cancelled to focus on EyePet, Singstar and other casual games I presume (Buzz?). Sony wants a slice of Nintendo's casual pie, since they were the ones catering to the casual gamers last gen, but they need to bring out more titles. Even LBP, which should be aimed at everyone really, seems to have a "kiddy" theme and that's the way they're presenting it to get little kids/casuals to get a PS3.

Sony are focusing a lot of their resources on making new games. How many games does sony have lined up for next year compared to MS or Nintendo? It's quite a lot more.

Deviant3517d ago

"Sony 1st party titles will be appearing on the Xbox360 sooner or later..."

wtf are u talking about ?

muddygamesite3517d ago

""Sony 1st party titles will be appearing on the Xbox360 sooner or later..."

wtf are u talking about ?"

it was an exaggeration amidst an angry state. Thats what im talkin about.

DeadlyFire3517d ago

They still could make Eight Days and new Getaway title. They just pushed them back a year or so. Too much is on their plate right now. It won't be to long before they get announced again.

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S1nnerman3517d ago

I'm a patient man. Really I am. But, I don't want to see more images or videos or news stories - I just want Home to be released. My patience is wearing thin :(

muddygamesite3517d ago

Thank you very much S1nnerman. Someone who feels the same way i feel.

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