Monster Hunter World Gets Tons of Videos and Screenshots Showing City Hub, Monsters and More

Monster Hunter World looks really good, and now you can see a lot more of the upcoming game for PS4, Xbox One and PC in new videos and screenshots.

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fenome368d ago

Now here's a game I can get behind day one!

81BX367d ago

I'll be picking it up on ps4 to play with my bro. This game looks insane

367d ago
rezzah367d ago

It is insane, especially when you hunt together with other players. Learning curve is huge but it'll be fun if you co-op with your brother.

81BX366d ago

I played one monster Hunter on my psp before. You're right, that learning curve can be tough lol.

Nu367d ago

This game uses the MT FrameWork engine that's used for Dragons Dogma so I hope that Dragons Dogma 2 can also look as beautiful as this Monster.

fenome367d ago

Cool, I didn't know that. Drooling at the prospect of Dragons Dogma 2.

whothedog367d ago

Beta in December 9-12 on PS4 I believe

FalloutWanderer2077366d ago

I've never played a MH game before but I'll definitely be checking out MH World. I'm thankful that it's coming to PC as well. Looks like a lot of fun!