EA “Turning Off” Microtransactions is Not a Win

Michael Trosper of Gamer Professionals writes: "Despite growing concerns, that we ourselves share, microtransactions are becoming the norm. And right now, there cannot be a discussion about microtransactions without mentioning EA.While this is certainly good news for those of us that have already purchased Battlefront II, this announcement does not come without concerns."

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CyberSentinel368d ago

It’s a compromise, now you can level up and unlock heroes in enough time so you will be on an equal level with players who choose to buy the game after the release date, or don’t have as much time to play as others.

To the whiners, accept the facts, AAA games cost a lot of money, and cheapskates are going to force digital distribution only sooner then we want.

demonicale367d ago

They cost so much and yet they make millions that cover those costs. Stop defending these greedy companies!.

CyberSentinel367d ago

They don’t always make enough money. Look at dead space and mass effect. Video game pawn shops, and now large retail chains, are really hurting the industry with pre-owned sales. Today games cost as much, (sometimes more) as movies to make, yet have a smaller base of clientele. A clientele that’s made even smaller with used games. That’s why they cost so much. It’s math people.

Look at games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Hitman, Mega-man 9 & 10, Friday the 13th, Gauntlet and the remake of final fantasy 7.

Eventually games will be released digitally FIRST, then MAYBE get a retail release.

The_KELRaTH367d ago

They can cost as much as movies because of the moronic spending. It's not a movie, it's a computer game; DICE created BF1942 with a team of 14, Epic had a team of 16 for Unreal Tournament 99 and so on and so on. Bungie on the other hand somehow needs a team of 750 for Destiny 2 which is a game that offers far far less in terms of gameplay.

Do games really need the services of highly paid actors for a few voiceovers? There is a wealth of better narrators from the audiobook and Audiodrama sector which costs infinitely less.

UT'99 had over 10,000 maps due to user content, now we are meant to pay £11 for 4 basic maps with not even AI bot routing for skirmish / offline gaming.

CyberSentinel367d ago

@the kelrath

Are you seriously comparing a game as old as unreal and 1942 to games made today? Those games are at least 15 years old.

Sure you can make a game with 16 people, on a small scale, and release it within a decent time frame. But a game on the scale of Destiny and Anthem would take 10-15 years to release, with that small of a development team.

True you could save money by cutting some corners, (voice acting, cgi, motion capturing) but don’t forget online games on those scales also require expensive network infrastructures.

supermonkeyfox367d ago

Your mindset is part of the problem...

ifrit_caress367d ago

Natsu, remember this is only temporary. EA was a dirty, hairy horse-sac before this, now they are just a horse-sac.

XiNatsuDragnel367d ago

I know me and my guild on it.

Jinger367d ago

It's only a win of they actually make changes to the system. They said they are taking them down while they reevaluate the system.

So if they actually make changes to it, win. When they eventually do bring them back and nothing has changed then you lost.

Dirtnapstor367d ago

They need to lift the stupid credit cap...have to wait two hours in Arcade mode. Preventing farming? Whatever...

Artemidorus367d ago

It's a gap to their plans just keep creating more until they understand.

VariantAEC366d ago

EA needs to learn that MTs are unwanted and unnecessary. If they want to charge people for new content not on disk or part of free updates fine but balance-breaking characters and weapons shouldn't be locked behind ludicrously impossible playtimes or steep monetary fees. Cosmetic stuff is alright but you should be able to earn that by playing as well. Uncharted's multiplayer has these kinds of loot boxes and people don't care because they don't change the game they change a characters appearance only.
If you wanted a specific kind of hat it doesn't cost much but I wouldn't pay anything for it.

If Uncharted's MP allowed guns, grenades, loadout points and such to be unlockable via forking out some real cash, that would break the game and make it unnecessarily unfair.

MTs and in-game ads (WipEout HD/Fury Multiplayer loading-screens on PS3 jump to my mind) suck hard. Thankfully the majority of games this generation don't feature them but way more games have them this generation than last... That needs to change and it can start here by letting BF2 fail.