Dissidia: Cloud & Terra First Images

Although they were announced earlier today, it was done so in the Closed Mega Theatre. However, since then, images have surfaced online which confirm the inclusion of both Cloud Strife and Terra Branford in Final Fantasy Dissidia.

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DanteLinkX3236d ago

We all knew it was happening, but we all know we gotta be damn happy knowing that we did eh? SO looking forward to this game!

meepmoopmeep3235d ago

yeah, i can't wait for this game too.

Lanoire3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Cloud and Tifa join the fight. PSP ftw.

Blah blah blah blah shut your mouth.

Montrealien3236d ago

So much for this theory, that you just said not even 1 hour ago..

(Whats surprising though, is that SE is not listed. Its clear that SE has turned their backs to Sony.)

shadowlink253236d ago

good looking game just can't wait

xhairs93236d ago

She looks so real in that picture it's awesome.

mephman3236d ago

Odd that they paired her with Emperor and not Kefka though.

xhairs93235d ago

I don't really know the story behind the game but I saw cloud and I know his story and the graphics they showed in that pictures is well above the norm. But sweet lol

Sena Kobayashi3236d ago

I knew he was in the game !!!

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Homicide3236d ago

We knew Cloud was going to be announced for Dissidia.

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