Nintendo Sold 24,000 Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundles in Japan Last Week, While Xbox One X Fizzled

Super Mario Odyssey is certainly pushing Nintendo Switch units in Japan, and a remarkable number of them are bundles with the game.

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Bhai64d ago

I don't know... was everyone expecting otherwise???

Aceman1863d ago

M$ appeal is only in US and England for the most part, worldwide it seems most could give two flying f***s about the console.

This is the reason why M$ will never win a generation in sales outright. It doesn't have lasting appeal nowhere else expect those two areas.

EasilyTheBest63d ago

"M$ appeal is only in US and England "
And Wales

S2Killinit63d ago

I think power alone can only have so much merit. After initial newness factor it would ‘fizzle’ regardless.

Aceman1863d ago (Edited 63d ago )


What would be the correct term used to encompass that entire region? I just said England because of that lol.


Exactly its about the lasting experience of the games. No one says I remember playing the systems, they remember playing the games on those systems, and if your games on said system dont have a lasting affect then the power of said system is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

EasilyTheBest63d ago

@Aceman. That would be The UK. 👍

BIGBOSS0863d ago

They don't even compete in the US anymore. 2017 so far has the biggest gap between the two in the US since launch.

LastCenturyRob63d ago

I remember when people said that Sega would "never" have a shot at taking on Nintendo or that Sony would "never" make it in the gaming industry or that Nintendo would "never" recover after the WiiU...See a trend here Aceman? Fact is, MS could certainly win a console gen...They arguably did with the 360...Sony during the final year of that gen did manage to outsell the 360 with the Ps3 but MS still crushed them with overall software sales and profit. My advice...Never say never.

XStation4pio_Pro63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

thats actually not true. it does well in the US and the Uk and general but it does in fact sell pretty well all around with the exception of japan. The ps4 has obviously sold more, but compared to last gen 360 sales, the xb1 is doing fine.

mikeslemonade63d ago

The X is selling as expected.

Aceman1863d ago

@last, X, Mike

You 3 know damn well M$ will nvr, and I mean nvr win in any generation with worldwide sales.

PS2 stomped it out
WiiU stomped out both
PS4 is stomping it out now.

But that's ok you 3 keep holding out hope that it will some day lol.

PFFT63d ago

For now at least Aceman. For now.

Zeref63d ago

uhm sales were on par with PS3 last gen.. It arguably won that gen.

Cuzzo6362d ago

You forgot Krypton... Can't forget Krypton

NXFather62d ago

Man this maybe redundant to you but, in my opinion they just have not put the work in to a high enough degree on the exclusive franchise games to get that level of worldwide respect and(national pride for some countries) this gen definitely caused a nosedive.

LastCenturyRob62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Aceman18...Of course MS could take a worldwide console lead at some point. So could Nintendo when it comes down to it. It really depends on MS, how much they want to invest in markets they don't cater to now and how much time they want to put in it. No guarantee but it certainly "could" happen. ...Again, the PS3 barely took the console sales lead and it did that during the the last full year of that gen, so I have no idea where your comment is coming from. Also MS did wipe the floor with Sony last gen with overall software sales and profit. No getting around that. It wasn't that long ago when people like you stated "No one would EVER overtake Nintnedo"... Before that many people would say No one would ever overtake Atari. They were literal juggernauts of their day and unstoppable for years!..Guess what, they got toppled...It happens. It will happen again. Will MS be the one to pass a Sony console in worldwide sales? Maybe. Again, it really depends on how aggressive they are in the coming years to reach new audiences. They may be happy simply with the markets they have. Who knows. The thing is you can't just assume something is always going to sell strong in the future because it is doing well today. Nothing is ever that concrete. That goes for Sony, MS, Nintendo or whatever.

Aceman1862d ago


I like how you conveniently disregard the Wii sales from last gen. Both Sony and M$ were stomped out by it. I dont wanna hear they were catering to different market. That gen they smacked around both the HD consoles.

M$ biggest markets are NA and UK, and unless they do something totally magical they will nvr win in worldwide sales in any generation. I say this with total confidence.

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Razzer63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

There were a few deluded souls who thought “selling out” in Japan actually meant it was selling well there.

Krysis63d ago

I'm glad I could give 2 shits what's popular in Japan and what sells there.

Pantz63d ago

It did sell out though. I even saw reports of people trying to get one but they couldn't and stores had to put out signs saying that it was sold out. They messed up and didn't order enough. I bet the second wave will be selling quite a bit there.

Razzer63d ago

^^^the delusion continues

LastCenturyRob63d ago

Unless they are new to gaming no one on either side expects MS to do well in Japan...or cares for that matter.

NXFather62d ago

Yeah they are definitely stuck in the matrix haha.

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Toolster63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Nintendo sells well in Japan, what a news shocker.

jznrpg63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Nintendo is selling well everywhere and so is PlayStation its just Xbox that does well in a few areas only this gen

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Bhai64d ago

Xb1x just pummeled below the xb1's original WORST LAUNCH EVER title even...

From the article:
"Media Create also had a comment for the launch of the Xbox One X, which sold 1,344 units during the whole week in the country. The firm calls the volume “remarkably shrunk” even compared to the launch of the Xbox One, which previously held the record for the worst console launch in Japan in recorded history with about 24,000 units."

Kun_ADR63d ago

Well to be fair, this is not a new console. It is just a refresh, like the PS4 Pro and New Nintendo 3DS.

Jayszen63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


This is what Microsoft and every Xbox fan keep saying but the Xbox One X is not a fresh as the jump from the Xbox One and One S is far greater than what Sony did from PS4 to the Pro. The Xbox One S was a 'refresh' - the One X is a 'do over' or a 'do again' at the very least and a 'start the new gen' if we are being honest. It is being dressed up as an upgrade as it plays current, previous and past games and because there are no exclusive games for it. Microsoft always has to win even when it can't so with the Xbox One X, Microsoft has won in the power category and now has the right to tout 'the most powerful console in the world' albeit temporarily (until PS5 is announced).

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Tazzy62d ago

To be fair the Xbox One S was the console that did 4k for a handful of games so that was the upgrade in my eyes when Phil Spencer said the PS4PRO is a competitor to the Xbox One S that told me right there that the Xbox One X is their new console. People need to stop making excuses come to reality its the new console from Xbox and its failing already Nintendo and Sony own the Japanese market.

wonderfulmonkeyman62d ago

Well, I'm actually not entirely convinced that it's just a refresh.
I mean, sure, the name lends itself towards that direction, but the specs being so much higher than the original XB1 leads me to believe otherwise...

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EmperorDalek63d ago

Did anyone expect an upgrade to sell better than an actual new system? I don't see how that's "remarkable."

Krysis63d ago

It's a way to keep pathetic fanboy bickering alive. Now that everyone has disbanded from the alliance against EA, the usual are back taking shots at each other.

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Kribwalker63d ago

lol S2kiilinit can't stand that Mario Ofdyssey is a GOTY contender and the switch is a bigger seller then his ps4 in japan. He can't think of anything on the ps4 selling like this so he resorts to seeking help from Nintendo's exclusives.

S2Killinit63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

What? Lol are you two retarded? I wasnt downplaying. Im saying “go games” i LOVE that Nintendo is proving that exclusive games sell consoles. Im saying “go games” because Nintendo has never faltered from the tried and true practice of making GAMES, to sell GAMING consoles. They let their games speak for themselves. Unlike certain others who spend more money on advertising campaigns than on actually making games. So yeah, GO GAMES.

Hey Krib
I guess it really hurt you when i pointed that out to you huh? (;
Guess what, im not like you.

Kribwalker63d ago

Most companies spend more on marketing the game then the cost to develop the game

“In 2009, EA executive Rich Hilleman indicated in a speech that his company "now typically spends two or three times as much on marketing and advertising as it does on developing a game."”

S2Killinit63d ago

Yeah but you know what im saying. You’re just having a hard time coming to terms with the truth because it hurts.

Kribwalker63d ago

coming to terms with what? If it’s PS exclusive i can play it on my PS4, if is Xbox exclusive i can play it on my OneX, along with the best Playing Multiplat games, if its switch exclusive i can play it on my switch. I have the best of all worlds in console gaming. Pc exclusive is the only exclusives i can’t play cause i don’t PC game.

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