Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | Appolicious Review

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a remarkable title. Imagine a merging of Tolkein's epic setting and Monolith's juggernaut sequel to Shadow of Mordor with... Office Space: Idle Profits' sheer lack of engagement and grinding. Although, to be fair, Idle Profits at least had decent controls.

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Avery__331d ago

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Bigpappy331d ago

My opinion disagree with this opinion. 3/10 make zero Sense.

Chris12331d ago

Its the mobile app, title should have been clearer

Razzer331d ago

It confused me as well. Read the review trying figure out what the hell the guy was talking about.

lptmg331d ago

thank goodness that's for the iPhone version

morganfell331d ago

Remember this site a few years ago? Consoles were doomed. Phones were the future. I laughed at those idiot articles then and I am laughing now.