10 Third-Party Games We Want For Nintendo Switch

Skyrim is shockingly good on the Switch. What other games should follow in its wake?

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ctrlxthroat392d ago

Was kinda shocked to not see Bioshock make the list.

DJK1NG_Gaming392d ago

Mass Effect Trilogy LOL EA lol stop please

_-EDMIX-_392d ago

lol what am I reading?

This list is why Nintendo handhelds are NOT THE ONLY devices I buy every generation.

If you have to beg for THIS much content, maybe you made the wrong choice. At least with PS4 and Switch I'm not begging for content. I like what I see coming to Switch, but in no way am I going to spend even 1 generation without a Playstation console, just like I won't spend 1 gen without a Nintendo handheld. Too much content to miss to be begging for games that came out 10 years ago or even longer, I mean we are asking for content that even came out in 2001....

Well....if you choose to not buy ANY system to play some of those games, I question how badly you really even want them. I like MGS enough to actually own a PS every gen to play it.