Top 5 Ways EA Failed Gamers in 2017

Over the last year, EA's reputation among gamers has taken a massive drop. With games littered with loot boxes, troublesome launches, or dull content. Now that the year is almost over let us look back at the top 5 ways EA failed gamers.

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wheatley360d ago

I'm still annoyed about the Dead Space franchise. The focus on micro transactions before the release of the third game was another bad moment for EA in the press, and yet they will not learn!

Couple that with a co-op, that just sounds like a compromise for Visceral not to try and shoehorn multiplayer in again (ooo, I'll play as the tentacled dog this time!). Very successful first release gets meddled with until gamers don't want it, and then the publisher blames the market for poor reception.

InKnight7s360d ago

EA want to treat home players as mobile players with all these VIP thing with MT and loot boxes.

Relientk77360d ago

They killed so many studios and franchises, it's ridiculous