Skyward Sword's Criticisms Are Unwarranted

Skyward Sword's Criticisms are unwarranted because they fail to take into account the fact that the game has the best plot in Zelda, has excellent controls, and that and it does have exploration, among other things.

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coffeemaster368d ago

I totally agree! I loved the controls and the story

emiyaxtousaka368d ago

best story in the series. I was hoping for something like that with BoTW tbh...hopefully the DLC is amazing.

Poli_Games368d ago

Skyward Sword just wasn’t my thing. Loved that gold wii mote though

emiyaxtousaka368d ago

I'd be interested to see how much that set would be mint right now. the CD was great too!

ShadowNextGen368d ago

I would love a Skyward Sword remaster for my well as a Twilight Princess one as well. The other titles can be on the Virtual Console. :)

emiyaxtousaka368d ago

A full collection would be nice. or close to it. the main narrative/console games. shouldn't be that expensive considering TP and WWHD are kinda old now.

Damthatsword368d ago

naaah. i found the controls to be atrocious and the world to be rather dull. its the worst mainline zelda game ive ever played.

Cobra951367d ago

You lost me at "excellent controls". If they had restricted motion control to things that truly benefit from it, then I'd agree with you. Anything that can be a button press (or progressive-trigger pull) should always be just that, not needless, dodgy waggle.

Not saying I didn't like SS. I loved it, despite the control handicap.

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