Need for Speed Payback Getting Changes to Progression System

Need for Speed Payback, the week-old racer that had a poor reception on release due in large part to its progression system pushing players towards microtransactions, is getting some updates that look to lessen the grind the game is criticized for.

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Aenea389d ago

Like BF2 already bought!

I never ever buy MTs and if it's really so bad as people made it out to be it will be patched, which is now happening. Now they need to patch Shadow of War too, heard that in the end it gets rather boring without MTs. Will wait with playing that until they resolve it...

Liqu1d389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Shadow of War won't be patched because it reviewed and sold well so WB have nothing to worry about. NFS and BF2 were heavily criticised and are in the 60s on Opencritic.

HollowKnight389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Only 3% of people got the ending achievement on Xbox One mostly due to the ridiculous progression system and micro transactions.

mafiahajeri389d ago

Like you were gonna buy this anyway 😂

Retroman388d ago

Even if NFS did not have MT NFS still not appealing .
What happen to racing in exotic location ? now racing in neighborhoods, downtown locations, racing for mafia house king now .
Ea need to reboot first 7 ps1 NFS titles without online racing ,without autolog,without alldrive.
give us the Original Formula back.

rainslacker388d ago

I forgot this game was being made, and didn't even know it was released.

I can't even remember the last NFS I enjoyed. Such a shame for me, because I loved the early titles in the series.

EA is having a rough month as their MT based fleecing is finally under real scrutiny, and people are starting to look much harder at what they're doing. They screwed up big time. Not just with these two games, but for their future games where they will be under a microscope for some time to come.

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Prince_TFK389d ago

I was so excited for this game. Now not anymore. Terrible story and gameplay mechanics to push players to buy lootboxes. No amount of change will ever male this game good.


It’s a shame because this one has the best driving physics in years.

Jaypi03389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Play Forza: Horizon series instead.

Liqu1d389d ago

Compared to what? Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing?

InMyOpinion389d ago

@USMC_POLICE - You sound like someone who's actually played it, like myself. The driving mechanics are incredibly tight and the drifting is probably the best to date, for any racing game. Severely underrated title that is tons of fun to play and incredibly hard to put down. The speed card spins are just one way out of many to level up and in no way game breaking as in SWBF 2.

My only issue with it so far is that the AI difficulty sometimes feels random, from incredibly easy to unbeatable, regardless of your level advantage. That's what I'd like them to fix first but it's great to see that they are changing the progression system also.

This and Forza Horizon 3 are the most fun racing games this gen imo.

USMC_POLICE389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Yes I own payback, I play it in addition to forza and every racing game except big rigs. For thoes who disagree that’s fine, I’ve been playing the series yearly since 98 with hotpursuit, rivals was way too twitchy and the cars felt light. NFS 2015 all the cars slid all over the place and were only about drifting. Payback is tight, controlled and the cars feel weighted and different from each other. Yes I know play horizon I do, along with PC2, FM7 and GT.


*For the series forgot I need to spell that out. Not of all racing games.

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InTheZoneAC389d ago

I remember just 15 years ago i was excited for every single NFS release, then NFS started to decline, then it became great again with Hot Pursuit/Most Wanted reboot, then it has declined again. I tried to like Rivals and I gave up on the last NFS after 1 day. And now the newest NFS sounds like SWBF2 all over, no thanks

Sgt_Slaughter389d ago

Need for Speed needs an entirely different publisher if it's ever going to succeed.

Which means it will died like Medal of Honor did.

Prince_TFK389d ago

And Sims City, Def Jam, Command and Conquer, Mercenary, Godfather, Dungeon Keeper, Army of Two, Burnout, Skate, Plant vs Zombies...

InTheZoneAC389d ago

I know it'll be different from other opinions, but the only one I miss from that list is Burnout(Paradise to be exact)

inxine389d ago

who ever was in charge of underground 1 and 2 needs to come bk asap!

Liqu1d389d ago

Black Box. They made Skate as well. EA shut them down.

Prince_TFK389d ago

That is a fucking shame. EA is where studios go to die.

InMyOpinion389d ago

This is like a mix of Underground, Paradise and Forza Horizon. The customization is way better as well.

badz149389d ago

that's the problem with EA! they have the arsenal of devs who can make really good games but their corporate greed restrict these devs to the point of their games will only be remembered as a money grabbing scam!

Sirk7x389d ago

Underground 2 was such a good game.

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