Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review - IGN

Even without real-money microtransactions, it has an evil progression system - but there's still good in this one.

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Nitrowolf2393d ago

I'm really surprised by that score because this is one of the few review sites I expected the bend over backwards and give them a high score

-Foxtrot393d ago

Maybe with them spending their time reviewing the game it's actually benefited them to see how much the backlash has grown. They probably weighed their options up and thought "Damn. F*** this...if I give it a good score to lick EA's ass this site is going to become more of a joke, I mean Jesus people still remember the too much water thing"

I'm willing to bet the 4 sites who gave it a great score and never mentioned the awful anti consumer tactics you see on Metacritic regret doing so now.

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yarbie1000393d ago

It's only cause $h!t hit the fan before reviews were in. The outrage across the board was already there. Had gamers not spoken up, it would be like every other game full of microtransactions. They woulda gave it a high score and then after gamers bitched, they woulda posted up articles after the fact alluding to now that they've spent more time with the game they can see problems with it. Any site giving this a high score is gonna get dogged on.

Mikelarry393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

this, lest we forget Vince Ingenito gave evolve...FUCKING EVOLVE a 9 with statements "Tactically deep, and bursting with character, Evolve offers a level of nuance rarely found in multiplayer shooters."

also this fiasco has shown be sites to avoid like a plague, i am all for respecting people opinion and all but when something is this bad there has to come a time to step up and stand for whats right if you claim to enjoy video games

ZehnDrachen393d ago

I'm not surprised. IGN would be committing suicide to their integrity once again by siding with an atrocious game. this situation was one where IGN could not afford to be shills.

badz149393d ago

IGN playing it safe. they were almost always first to post reviews for most games before but taken the wait and see approach with this. the issue is now already too big and widespread and they think that it's the right time to post their review with a lower mark that is relatable to the current issue. this is as honest as they can get, I think.

rainslacker392d ago

I misread it on the main page, and thought it said 8.5. I thought I'd come in here seeing a lot of griping. When I noticed it was 6.5, I was shocked as well, because IGN often avoids controversies, and tends to ignore things which are actually not good for the consumer in their reviews.

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chrisx393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Wasn't this the site that gave evolve 9/10? I don't take IGN serious anymore. This score got me by surprise.

stupidusername393d ago

Ign isn't one person though. It's not like one review by one person discredits 10 other reviewers opinions on other games. At least it shouldn't.
You should rather watch out for, and not trust the reviewer of Evolve, not the whole of Ign.

chrisx393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I assume there is some one who (reps ign) approves the reviews. and if ign could approve that ridiculous evolve review then I don't trust them as a whole.

rainslacker392d ago

I'd imagine with IGN being the oldest internet gaming publication, that they'd have editors and some sort of review standard that their reviewers have to adhere to.

OTOH, they tend to give lots of broken games, or games with problems high scores, with nary a mention of any issues, so I guess this time since it was highlighted first, they couldn't do that.

I suppose it highlights the issue that IGN can't actually form it's own conclusions, and tends to just put out scores without any real thought on the consumer impact of certain game design elements, and tend to find the stupidest things to downvote for.

Summons75393d ago

Sure, someone approves the reviews but that doesn't mean they are in charge of censoring the reviewer. If the reviewer though the game was good or bad that's their opinion. The guy approving the reviews is probably only there to double check for errors (spelling, grammar, etc.) Like Stupidusername said, there are many reviewers and many different opinions at IGN or any site with multiple reviewers.

Mikelarry393d ago

makes we wonder all this other sites giving it 10s and 9s hmmmm

theshredded393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

It's rare we see Ign give a AAA overhyped game the score it deserves

badz149393d ago

the backlash is already getting too big and their reputation (or what's left of it) might suffer even more if they chose to side with EA on this.

Ausbo393d ago

Gotta hand it to IGN. They did everything right with this one. They also had a reviewer grade the game that never knew the former editor that worked there, who works on that game.

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