‘L.A. Noire’ Review: Hollywoodland Remastered - Electric Bento

L.A. Noire HD Remastered is worth buying, completing, and holding on to for when you feel the urge to step back in time or just share it with friends.

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Xack29d ago

I really should pick this up seeing as I missed it when it first came out

The_Sage29d ago

I really liked it, and the facial animation is amazing.

micbrc29d ago

I wish I could experience the game through fresh eyes again it was so good

ElectricBentoME28d ago

It was still good my third time :)

Vectrexer29d ago

I wish I could import my XB360 save data. I never finished but I am about 12 hours in and it would be nice to continue.

ElectricBentoME28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It’s different enough you would miss out honestly. Give it a shot. Moreso if you have an X or Pro.