Why Fighting Games Are Now Bat S#%T Crazy

People wouldn't think fighting games could get crazier than Marvel vs. Capcom, but it's happening now. The scene is absolutely crazy.

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PhoenixUp155d ago

Fighting games have always had unexpected guest fighters for decades. You’ve gotta be living under a rock to think this is a new recent occurrence

SickSinceSix155d ago

This^ hell there's even an old fighting game called Fighting Vipers, where you can play as a car from Daytona USA.

mafiahajeri155d ago

Dont show this guy Mugen videos his head will explode.

CorndogBurglar154d ago

Haha. Mugen was awesome. I had so many ridiculous characters for that.

Bahamut-Shin155d ago

Soul Calbur had too many: Link, Dark vader, Joda Ezio
Mortal Kombat had Kratos
Killer instic had Halo's Arbiter and a battletoad
King of Fighter had Metal Slug's Fio

thejigisup154d ago

Soul caliber also had Spawn.

NiteX154d ago

Killer Instinct also has General Raam from Gears.

KakashiHotake154d ago

Mortal Kombat also had Freddie Kruger

SickSinceSix154d ago

and Jason Voorhies, Leatherface, Alien & Predator in the last one. Too bad we couldn't have Freddy and Jason in the same game.

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