Can Battlefront II Survive the EA Debacle?

EA is a company known for disrespectful behavior. When it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront II, it is going above and beyond to cause trouble for folks it should be catering to.

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enviable27387d ago

This controversy is hardly going to put a dent in sales for this game. Most buyers dont even know or care about this.

DillyDilly387d ago

You are correct however after people beat the story mode the game itself & servers will be empty

kevinsheeks387d ago

That's a truth they hate to admit

Jinger387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

I have beat the story mode and the servers are fine. I also already have Vader and half way to Luke. Also haven't spent a dime on loot boxes, go figure.

The 10th Rider387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

I dunno. Metacritic is being bombed. Everything I see on Facebook about the game is filled with negative comments attacking the game. I'm sure word's gotten out about it. The Reddit comment alone is infamous, where's the tens of millions of active users. It's also been getting press allover the web. I imagine the game will still make money, as Star Wars is such a massive brand, but it's definitely going to put a dent in sales.

There will probably be a bunch of huge Star Wars fans buying day 1 and some younger kids getting it for Christmas, but I imagine sales will be poor among the rest of the gaming community.

UCForce387d ago

What even worse for EA that the relationship with EA and Disney are draining down after BF2 fiasco. I can bet one day Disney will end the partnership with EA.

Damthatsword387d ago

it probably will, given how this is some of the biggest controversies since no mans sky. at the very least all this stuff will smack down the projected sales figures EA were expecting, that doesnt mean it wont be profitable i know. but lets not kid ourselves, they actually temp turned off MTs. that alone speaks volumes considering they are losing a buttload of potential revenue just to mitigate the backlash. they are shaken up from this ordeal, and they should be.

UCForce387d ago

@Jinger I don't know you are lying or not, but the game still have unfair advantage because loot boxes are very random in many ways. This is bigger than you are. The children know nothing about this and EA is abusing them to buy it. What even worse the parents going to lose a lot of money because of them. Of course, you still think it doesn't bother you and you think it's parent fault true, but this is more about consumers than yourself. EA have vicious by killing great devs and screwing with consumers. The greed and corruption of video game publishers can still hurt a lot of people including you one day. When the time come, you will be force to buy MT and loot boxes when those contents are no longer "optional" to you.

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DillyDilly387d ago

Nope EA will abandon this game & quickly announce the next Star Wars: Battlefront game

Tedakin387d ago

Such a shame cause it's a great game..... EA ruined it like they ruined Titanfall 2 with that awful release date. How do they have so much power?

OB1Biker387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Well gamers showed they have some power, didnt they?
You said the game is great. the game launched without Mt. If they stick to cosmetics only..
So what now is the question. 3 actors, the gamers, EA, and the media. New balls I'd say.
The funny thing is I find most cards, and more importantly those crates content are somehow crap any way haha

CorndogBurglar387d ago

I rented it from Red Box because I just had to see whT this is all about for myself.

The game isn't bad. Its a somewhat generic shooter. If it wasn't Star Wars it wouldn't be anything special at all.

Having said that, Starfighter mode is absolutely awesome and they should spin it off into its own game. I could only imagine a fully fleshed out Starfighter ggame like this that spans all eras with all the different ships being playable. As it is now each army only has 3 ships. But a full game could have dozens. Slightly tighter controls and more weapon options and match types and they would have one hell of a game!

lio_convoy387d ago

EA has long been on my list of do not buy from. They had some of the poorest looking games of the 16 bit generation and some of them were just not fun to play. So after getting burned by them I stopped buying their games until the PS3 era. There, they seemed to be putting out some good quality games and fun games again. So I decided to get SWB for the PS4 when that came out because it looked like it could be a fun FPS and the graphics looked decent. I regretted buying it within 15 minutes once I realized I got like 1/2 a game at a full game price. That was the minute I stepped back and paid attention to how they would handle things this generation. It was all downhill. So luckily, I haven't been burned by them again but just watching from the sidelines. I feel bad for anyone who invested in this new game hoping for a company that cared about gamers and not lining their own pockets. I get that it's a business and they need to make money, but this is greed gone too far. No damage control they do now will get me back as a customer. It's too little too late. I've gotten burned by them in two different console generations and enough is enough.

dp5212387d ago

Could you talk about yourself and how smart you are a little more? I can't get . enough.

bloop387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Have to disagree as that's when EA actually built their initial fan base. Their 16 bit games were awesome and that's how they've got to where they are now. Back in the day of the mega drive/SNES , they were top dog, bringing out some of the best games of that time. Unfortunately that's now a very very very distant memory.

387d ago
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