Zelda Is Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards; The Last of Us Part II Wins Most Wanted

The Golden Joystick Awards are all said and done, and here you can read the full list of winners.

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AspiringProGenji30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

That is a legit list of winners, though I would have choosen P5 for audio over zelda. Congrats Nintendo for the GOTY. Well deserved

Abriael30d ago

I'd have chosen P5 as GOTY, most definitely. Unfortunately, too niche for a popular vote outside of Japan.

DarXyde30d ago

agree, but I'm not mad at all.

NewMonday30d ago

several legit GOTY contenders

Eamon29d ago

Nah, played both. Breath of the Wild is worlds better.

Highlife29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Breath of the wild is good for a Zelda game but it is overrated just like most Nintendo games. They always seem to be above criticism. Not saying their games are bad just not the best.

mikeslemonade29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It's a travesty to allow a WiiU game to win GOTY. WiiU doesn't deserve praise. Heck it's a dead console for almost a year.

After playing Zelda and you remove yourself from the game for a while you will realize the game isn't that great. Just a sanbox game where you're mostly running and climbing to the next area. Sure it's impressive to make basically everything accessible but there was lots of pop-in as well. And then you just have these lame mini puzzle dungeons. Then the main dungeons are small as well.

Also a 97 on wiiU is really like a 89 on current gen consoles. By the way the Switch is still half a gen behind too.

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Why o why30d ago

Well done to all the winners but everyone may have their own personal goty that didn't feature. It's all good. Personally smashed 2 of them and will smash Zelda when my daughter's switch arrives. (My segway)😉

UCForce30d ago

I'm glad Horizon Zero Dawn won the best story telling. And Aloy won the best performance. No surprise about Zelda Breath of The Wild, but congrats to the end.

moegooner8830d ago (Edited 30d ago )

No Persona 5 wins :’(. Sony and Nintendo dominated the winners list. Can’t say I am surprised tbh.

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RommyReigns30d ago

I'm glad that Horizon got some proper well deserved recognition and stood out from the crowd.

mkis00730d ago

Me too. Can't believe there are people who thought it was forgettable. I'm hungry for more horizon lore

Eltortugagames29d ago

I loved the story but never loved the combat system personally. Still awesome overall

ginsunuva29d ago

I love Horizon, but you have to admit the story itself and the storytelling was average at best.

mkis00729d ago

Not even close to average in my eyes.

DialgaMarine29d ago

I can’t see how Horizon wouldn’t get best story telling; not only was the story so well done, the pacing and emotion behind it were perfect.

Uken1229d ago

We all win. It was a good year in gaming.

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chrisx30d ago

Congrats to Ninty and Sony. Single Player games are the future.

edeprez30d ago

Booyah! And lets also stipulate that they are SP games without MT's.

StrawberryDiesel42030d ago

Agreed! Uncharted Lost Legacy needs some love too in my opinion. That game was so awesome and the pacing was fantastic. Now just give me God of War 4!!

CloudStrife90030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Best Indie Game: Friday the 13th The Game...

jojo31930d ago

Yeah, this is exactly where the list was discredited for me. LOL

RommyReigns30d ago

It was a fan voted poll so not really surprising considering the crazy (imo overrated fad type) hype for the game.

BlackTar18730d ago

Friday the 13th is a great game.

Hardiman30d ago

Yeah I would've went with Hellblade myself.

DigitalCentralMedia30d ago

Persona won 3rd Place
Horizon won 2nd Place
Zelda won 1st Place

zivtheawesome30d ago

Well i can settle for 2nd spot! Makes me happy seeing a new IP getting so much recognition

Neonridr30d ago

yep and at the end of the day if Horizon is your own personal GOTY, then what list can tell you otherwise.

moegooner8830d ago

The first three places occupied by SP games. Sounds great.

Why o why30d ago

Less said the better aye😉😉

Liqu1d30d ago

Must be rigged because I heard SP games don't make as big of an impact as they used to. /s