360 Sales Have Doubled in US, More Than Doubled In Europe, Quintupled In Japan

You know hotcakes? The 360's selling like 'em. The company have announced during their TGS address this morning that, since a range of price-cuts were introduced for the console across the US, Europe and Japan over the past few months, sales have - shockingly - increased. According to Microsoft's John Schappert, US 360 sales have "doubled", European sales are up by "62%", and they're up "five-fold" in Japan. Whichever way you look at it, that's an increase.

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Lets-Game3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

arcade version is like 150euro now cheaper than psp or ds and almost same price with ps2. seems like ms is dumping all the consoles as fast as possible. I wonder whats the reason. New model? I think they are planing something.

and who else to post happy xbox news first is kotaku :P
those guys must be so happy, getting high on sales charts. poor people haha

Montrealien3542d ago

You comment made sense, in an (enthusiats tin foil hat wearing way) until I read this.

"poor people haha"

what dos that mean?

/on topic

A press conference withough gloating, is not a press conference. It is the art of making anything look good. Eitherway, MS is playing hardball, and with sony's constant push, we have a very competitive market for years to come, it is a great time to be a gamer.

Saint Sony3542d ago

MS is trying to sell before the world's economy totally collapses.



when they said hdmi wasnt needed they added it later.
when they said rrod was 5% we actually found out it was around 45%.
Game installs? LOL

so what da hell does "selling like hotcakes", mean?

3542d ago
Montrealien3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

You know what's funny darknight. My 360 is plugged in HD 1080p without an HDMI cable. Although I do agree they should of had that option in the original 360, it can easily be argued that it is not needed.

cherrypie3542d ago

"when they said hdmi wasnt needed they added it later."

HDMI isnt necessary for HD gaming. HDMI does nothing that wasnt possible before, its simply an interconnect standard -- the "signal" is unchanged.

"when they said rrod was 5% we actually found out it was around 45%."

FFS, STFU. The heat-issue was resolved Summer 07, and the failure rate wasnt *remotely* close to 45%. You people are just pulling garbage out of your arse.

The **ONLY** reliable data on this was that 3-rd party warranty firm, and they said they had between 10-15% **at first**.

Insomnia_843542d ago

Do you all know why there are more Fords than Ferrari on the streets being the Ferrari 10 times better than the Ford? That's what happens with the 360.

The 360's been a cheap console since lunch considering it was faulty since then but sold very expensive, it is all tech, nothing new. Why do you all think the cut prices whenever they want? because they can, everything in that case is cheap. The PS3 comes packed with new tech and disk format.

What would you prefer Bluetooth or Batteries/cables? Blu-Ray or DVD? read well the question it is what would you prefer, not what can you afford.

Sitdown3542d ago

"What would you prefer Bluetooth or Batteries/cables? Blu-Ray or DVD? read well the question it is what would you prefer, not what can you afford."

Your choice of "bluetooth or batteries/cables" does not make sense...can you explain what you are saying? I am not sure how you can compare bluetooth with batteries...bluetooth is for connecting and batteries are for power.

ukilnme3542d ago

@ Insomnia_84

I agree with some of your comment. To answer your question, I do prefer Blu-Ray over DVD for movies. There is no going back for me now. As for gaming, I still prefer 360 games over PS3 games.

TheSadTruth3542d ago

""poor people haha"

what dos that mean?

He means the thought of a site being slightly biased towards Microsoft makes them sad, to him, a nerd who comes to this site every day to bash the Xbox 360 and Wii and promote the Sony brand

3542d ago
DaChinPin3542d ago

You're clearly in denial about the RROD issue...My friend's 360 is on the shop right now as well as 2 more friends of mine. It hasn't gotten better, it's just not been discussed as much anymore.

kinggeoff3542d ago

nice random heresay argument there...but i think the dude still asked for a link.

Nice try though, check this: i have "4000 friends" (why not make it 2 million) who have launch 360s with no problems!!!

soooo, since we seem to be applying our limited personal experiences (which may or may not be completely made up...this is teh internets) as a generalization of the global market, i could say "look since none of my bajillions of friends with 360s have had rrod, it doesnt exist!!

Sound stupid? It is.

so: link to the 45% RROD failure rate?

i think many of us on here want to know where that number came from :)

Capt CHAOS3542d ago

Don't make 'being a fanboy' so obvious.

This is excellent news for the 360 and the console market, This will force the prices for the other consoles down..

I can understand why people buy the PS3 if you can afford it, but I still can't understand people buying that low powered console aka Wii..

JOLLY13542d ago

I sure am glad to see everyone going just a little more green these days.

Thugbot1873542d ago

Microsoft has been playing a good game this time around. Instead of hating Microsoft be happy they are doing what many gamers want, that’s why they are selling. I’m pleased with my 360 despite having a RROD. It has a large library of games which I own about 30 of and it keeps me having fun gaming. Don’t get me wrong Sony has good games also but they just don’t have a library as big as the 360 and for the price I can wait, plus I still have my DS, PS2, Wii and my super PC gaming rig and Dell XPS laptop (Worth 3k So don’t try to say I’m too broke to own a PS3). If you don’t believe about the 360 having more games go into to any GameStop you will notice the PS2, and 360 walls and a tiny wall for the PS3 and Wii.

In my book the 360 and PS3 are pretty close to even, and I don’t mind giving the edge to the PS3 even though I really haven’t seen it and I’m tired of the just wait line given by most Sony droids I mean fanboys. I will say though MGS4 is impressive so is the clips from KillZone2; but look how long you had to wait to get these games. I’ve beat Halo3, Beat Gears, shot people in Saints Row, lived it up in Oblivion, kicked but for humans in Mass Effect, Explored Atlantis in BioShock, Killed tons of zombies in Dead Rising, Showed off my driving skills in Foraz Motorsport 2, Saved the world from extremist in Mexico City Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Killed thousands in Ninety-Nine Nights, Equipped my Mechs with tons of upgrades ChromeHounds; you get the point the list goes on and on. If you got a PS3 pick-up and 360 and a Wii at least that way you get to play all the games. Because it really is stupid to call yourself a gamer but limit the amount of games you play because you want to walk around with a patch and not get paid.

Sarick3542d ago

What do you expect they are almost giving them away. They are now cheaper then a Wii without a HDD. The Wii is doing ok without an HDD but cost more and isn't as next gen.

As for something being up, isn't the new 360 slims to be announced soon?

MNicholas3542d ago

With consumer interest steadily declining for months, the price drop is a last ditch effort to reinvigorate interest in the 360.

Looking at the numbers it seems that console sales have taken a hit over the last few weeks. Still, look at relative movement where one plots the difference in sales between the consoles, the price drop boost seems to be dissipating already.

sumfood4u3542d ago

Congratulation XBOX360 Money can't buy U love it sure buys Exclusives.

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LightningPS33542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

It's the power of the 360 reaching a significantly lower price than PS3.

That's what a price cut can do for you.

And I hope all the b*tches on N4G who disagree with me are taking note. Yeah, I always mention the price, because it's that important.

PS3 is being outsold atleast more than 2-1 worldwide now and this will continue maybe even get worse as we get into the holiday season.

PS3 is already down 3-1 in userbase in the United States. Can they really survive being steamrolled like this, this year?(With hope of still winning this race)

Man PS3 is in a lot of trouble! Unless they cut the price it's just game over. Microsoft cut the prices too low, they're too aggressive for Sony to ignore.

cliffbo3542d ago

"PS3 is being outsold atleast more than 2-1 worldwide now and this will continue maybe even get worse as we get into the holiday season."

are you retarded it aint being outsold 2-1 it is the other way round ps3 is catching the 360 with every day soon it will overtake it now grow up also ask your daddy to spank your botty for being so ill informed :)

"PS3 is already down 3-1 in userbase in the United States. Can they really survive being steamrolled like this, this year?(With hope of still winning this race)"

the mighty americans who are so rich cannot afford to buy a ps3 how sad is that they spend more on a neck brace to keep there big heads from falling off there shoulders sony DOES NOT NEED TO LOWER THE PRICE as it will sell plenty as it stands microsoft need to lower the price as it is the only way it will sell do you really think microsoft is making money by selling it so cheap they are losing money bigtime in a desperate attempt to win the console war.

"Man PS3 is in a lot of trouble! Unless they cut the price it's just game over. Microsoft cut the prices too low, they're too aggressive for Sony to ignore."

sont is not in trouble it is microsoft who are why do you think they are lowering the price so much grow up PLEASE!

LightningPS33542d ago

I mean damn... many people thought PS3 would be first to get a price cut this year. Because they needed it, they were gonna get some pretty good games this year including Metal Gear Solid 4.

They were down big to XBOX 360 in North American by about 3 to 1. So it made since. 2008 was suppose to be a good year for PS3.

And here is Sony in the fight of their lives with the PS3 and they haven't cut price all year, instead Microsoft has cut price all over the world, twice I think.

In Europe it's ridiculous as now I think you can buy 4 XBOX 360's for the price of 1 PS3.

I just don't know what Sony is thinking, are they really that slow? Don't they know they're gonna get crushed?

They should of been thinking all year long of the best way to cut the PS3 price to be ready when Microsoft struck.

The Sony Hater3542d ago

PS3 has no games, no online, and no dev support. And it's $500 more than the 360. Sony should just give up right now!

3542d ago
Gam713542d ago

"are you retarded it aint being outsold 2-1 it is the other way round ps3 is catching the 360 with every day soon it will overtake it now grow up also ask your daddy to spank your botty for being so ill informed :)"

catching the 360 everyday?

Maybe 2 months ago.

overtake it soon. from jan to end of july and ignoring the month the 360 outsold it the ps3 reduced the gap by 200,000 at that rate it would take the 10 years sony hope the ps3 will be around to overtake it.

The last two months haven't help their cause.

3542d ago
Darkseider3542d ago

mean nothing in the long run. MS is in damage control mode at the moment. Their games division for both PC and Xbox has been culled and the Xbox warranty fund has dried up. They are still way in the red from the original Xbox and now with the faulty 360 with a near 30% failure rate it isn't getting any better.

If this is any indication of things to come from MS and judging by history the Xbox 360 will be EOL'd by mid 2010. In their zeal to capture the market by releasing a faulty product early they have sealed their fate. Sony is capable and able to market 3 consoles. Two of which sell better and one sells on par or slightly better than the Xbox 360. The $199 Xbox 360 Arcade is competing in sales against the PS2 more than it is the PS3.

Diamondwolf3542d ago

I agree as Lightning is starting to get ridiculous, we get the point....

Xbox will continue to outsell the PS3, that's evident, and it is because of the price, and I like the Ford/Ferrari analogy, but GOOD GOD do you have to be in every single thread derailing with your talks of prices? Let it go, no matter how much you spam every article with it, you aren't making a difference! The only article that it was credible in and on topic is this one

I'm not telling you not to comment, a lot of your stuff is in fact informative and quasi-intellectual, but you are spamming, please stop.

As for the name change, I was thinking of renaming yourself to LightningPriceSpammer3000, has a nice ring to it and you still keep most of your current name.

on topic

Microsoft reminds me of an aggressive poker player, they could be holding a royal flush, or unsuited strangers, but Sony is beginning to fold.

At this point, it's time to put money in R&D to figure out ways to stay competitive or the PS3 is going to be a niche machine. The sad thing is, the PS3 trumps the Xbox like crazy when it comes to it's features and Games is no longer an arguement. PS3 has them, Xbox has them. Microsoft is however providing their gamers with the previous playstation games and offering a very demanding online service (even though paying for online multiplayer bites)

Microsoft is making all of the good moves, and you can't hate them for that.

Only time will tell if Sony has an Ace up their sleeve.

Rooster153542d ago

The 360 is cheaper because Microsoft can afford to cut its price.

Doesn't anyone wonder why Sony dosen't lower thier price? Because they can't afford to, they are selling them at a loss. Whereas Microsoft is lowering thier price because they can. Don't think for a second, that MS would lower thier price to sell the 360 at a loss. They are making a profit on it and that I can confirm because I make a (aprox.) 20$ profit on the 360 in my store, I doubt that MS is not making a profit when I'm making 20$ on it.

Price cuts = sells, if thier selling them at a loss then thier losing a s**tload of money as the sells go up. Keep that in mind.

Sony is playing catchup...thats why they are selling thier console at a loss, thats why they took out ps2 compatibility (to save money) and thats why I only make .49¢ on the ps3.

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TOO PAWNED3542d ago

You know i might pick 360(live in EU), i thought i would never say this, but i am disappointed with Sony. Especially looking at how lame TGS is by their part.
THose 11 unannounced games were lie, check NeoGaf post by members that speak Japanese.
(neutral) duckroll
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(Today, 08:35 AM)
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Originally Posted by Rez>You:
So educate me because I feel dumb: the whole 11 unannounced games thing was bullshit?

As was explained before, very carefully by several people including Jonnyram, when they said 11 unrevealed playable games for PS3, that didn't mean that all 11 games have never been announced before. They just had not been announced to be playable at TGS. If you check the TGS site, you'll see what all those titles are

fufotrufo3542d ago

You gotta be kidding meeee..thats trueee??

n4gzz3542d ago

expect too much and you get disappointed.
But, I can feel where you coming from. Buy 360, its worth it. I have one too :D

green3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

It seems you got TOO PAWNED by Sony and their 11 unannounced PS3 games.

EDIT:This is my biggest problem with Sony and their strategy with the PS3,hype,hype,hype and more hype.

When the story about the 11 games was posted on the web over a week ago, Sony should have cleared it up immediately in order for people not to get their hopes up only for it to sink to the ground again.

TOO PAWNED3542d ago

Yes i got TOO PAWNED, i admit. Only good thing in all of this is that i was not the only one lol


@Too Pawned.

you know what, bubble to you sir.. even though your a fan ( or fanboy dare i say ) you can admit when you got it wrong. not many people do that these days.

on my part, i am a 360, but even i was wrong. I didn't think the price drops would make that much difference. I got pawned too, lol.

green3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Bubbles as well to Too Pawned.Anyway i got owned by Denis Dyack and TOO HUMAN.

This must be confession time.

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ape0073542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

it's gonna be one hell of a fight between ps3 and 360

maybe 360 will win this gen

even in japan,you got infinite undiscovery which alone sold more 360's in japan than ps3(which is unbelievable,blopop......achie vements unlocked),still star ocean exclusive,last remnant timed exclusive,and maybe ff13 will be announced

with this recent affective price cuts,usa and europe has gone crazy

ps3 is a bit in trouble tbh,no fanboyism just discussing what will probably happen

n4gzz3542d ago

Well, it looks like that if you just look at one month. But there are over 50 months left before this generation is over. And they are neck to neck so far.

TOO PAWNED3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )


Now for first time i have to say that yes, i could see 360 winning over PS3. Sony seems to be stuck in some world of their own, allowing fake news to be spread around(11 unannounced games at TGS08) instead of giving statement that it isnt true or that it was wrong translation, or what ever. Instead they let it slid, people getting hyped like idiots, later to find out through forums that it isnt true.
You can say what ever you want about MS(as i did many times) but at least they dont do this to their fans, this lying, fake promises that take years to MAYBE come true. Now i see what was Peter Moore trying to say. I feel like a dumb idiot for sticking with SOny, i feel like i missed ton of great games that were on 360 and i didnt play them because i was and still am in a way Sony fan, but not fanboy anymore as i used to be. Shame on you Sony

fufotrufo3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Hurry and Jump in won't regret it really! and for the price! its a steal!

edit: Give Fable 2 a try :)

TOO PAWNED3542d ago

Yeah i am just look at price on sites, where i live and yes now after price cut i have to admit it is cheap. I will get premium, will wait for geOW 2 to get released.

ThatCanadianGuy3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

TOO Pawned

What are you talking about? There conference didn't even start yet,thats when they will talk about the new games.

How the hell can you disagree? did Sony do there press conference? NO.

In fact they have 1 all to themselves.
1 with Level-5
And a "special presentation"

TOO PAWNED3542d ago

That conference ALREaDy happened and it lasted only 30 minutes, check your facts next time kid, you fail

3542d ago
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