How Rare Cast Away Its Developmental Process For Sea Of Thieves

In order to develop a game that lives up to Rare's past genius, the studio has invited a community of fans into the creative process.

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PhoenixUp96d ago

“In order to develop a game that lives up to Rare's past genius,”

Unfortunately those days are long gone and are never coming back.

LastCenturyRob96d ago

"Never"?...Well, early opinion is Sea of Thieves is looking great, so good chance you will be eating some crow..

Kun_ADR96d ago

...If there still are crow left to eat on N4G that is.

LastCenturyRob96d ago

Wow, Kun_ADR...You really hit the nail on the head with your bullseye!

FallenAngel198495d ago

@ Last

It should be clear that SoT will never touch the golden quality the dev team used to have when they were known as Rareware

meka261195d ago

Nah dude, the game is definitely rare being back. It's still very early in development, just in alpha and they are adding more and more all the time.

FallenAngel198495d ago

There’s nothing shown in this game that would indicate it’ll be a return to peak performance from Rare.

Elda96d ago

Rare's big hurrah was back when they developed games for Nintendo,now their games look tired.

marquisray96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

if u 2 ever in the future ever decided to make a game, i would never buy it lol

thatguyhayat96d ago

When rare was with nintendo they were geniuses. Those original guys made yookalaylee or somethig right?

Teflon0296d ago

Some of them, but they had alot of rare Nintendo days vets

meka261195d ago

Yea and we saw how bad that turned out.

96d ago
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