Final Fantasy 15 on Xbox One X: improved over Pro but issues persist

DF: "Presented in full HDR for those with compatible devices and displays, here's our complete analysis of the Xbox One X version of Final Fantasy 15. Is this the best console version yet for this excellent release?"

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maybelovehate365d ago

While unfortunate the bugs don't seem too invasive. Been meaning to play this just haven't had the time. Looks beautiful though

datriax365d ago

There's no way. I don't believe for a second that the console that was just released a couple of weeks ago, runs games better than the one released over a year ago. What's the world coming to?

Here we all expected the game running on X1X to be inferior to even the Xbox One........ right?

azzkikr8502364d ago

its like the x is the messiah of gaming. If the fanboys call it the beast then whats the console they were playing b4 the X. The ONE pile of crap. If they dont understand how tech evolves and advances over a year time, then i have nothing to say.
I would be praying to the powers above, that if im forking out $650 AUD for the X, it better wipe the floor of the Ps4/Pro. If it didnt then it would be a laughing stock
im not being a fanboy or bias but im sick to death how the X crowd is reacting to any1 else who doesnt agree with them. They take a dump on the Ps4/pro crowd then what does that mean to the millions that bought the xbox one which is even more inferior.
I dont usually comment as i dont like fanning the flames but its really tiring when one group who had to repurchase a whole new console a year later then its competitor talk shit about it
i have an X and yes its a great console but dont make it seem like everything before it means nothing.
to prove a point b4 im called a fanboy
live id azzkikr8502
psn azzkikr8502
siwtch azzkikr 8502

BLow360d ago

Wow, I take my hat off to your comment. Too bad the hardcore fanboys can't share your knowledge. It's as if the standard X1 never existed. At least we know there still are some sensible people out there.

Thanks for not being one of those fanboys on here(especially the regulars) that spread the same crap over and over again.

You seriously need to copy and paste this on every comparison article. I feel like disappearing off this site once again for awhile. Just reading some of these comments will make you hate gaming. It's really sad sometimes.

Thanks again for your level-headed comment. We need more of you on these site.