Star Wars Battlefront II May Have Revealed Who Rey's Parents Are

From GameWatcher: "Out of all the questions the newest Star Wars Trilogy brings, few has obsessed fans more than who Rey's parents are. Even though the movie itself sends a pretty clear message to let the topic drop, fans are still caught up on that little detail."

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gantarat390d ago

Nope,Their Daughter was born few year after battle of jakku and will be protaganist on dlc story

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Eiyuuou388d ago

1. Please don't make stuff up. It's already confirmed we will be playing as Iden.

2. The timeframe fits with the theory.

gantarat388d ago

Rey is 19,Iden daughter age will around ben age (28-29) when the force awakened happen.

-Foxtrot388d ago

Disney needs to make these events non canon so they don't let Battlefront II hurt the brand. If they came out and said "Oh there's this new film, it takes place after RotJ and is a brand new never told before story, the first ever after RotJ" basically ignoring this game and people like Iden...I'd be fine with that

Only should have made them canon IF they did a good job...I'm sure Viscerals Game could have been good enough to make canon.

joab777388d ago

Can you imagine if this was true. If so, yesterday CEO of Disney called CEO of EA and said, “wtf bro! Do you understand how important it is that you don’t f$&@ this up? Fix this shit now!!!!!!”

That’s said, it probably isn’t. But it would be crazy!

And I love how this article starts. Fans hung up on this little detail lol!

aaronaton388d ago

I don't think that anyone who earns more than 7 dollars an hour would say the word 'bro'.

ObviousGoldfish387d ago

Aaron, I make more than that and throw out "bruh" and "breh" all the time. Fuck yeah it makes me sound like white trash.

Armyntt387d ago

Im an army officer and say bruh or bro 20 times a day lol

Sciurus_vulgaris388d ago

Disney should not license out the Star Wars IP for games. Instead I think the company should set up studios to develop the game in house.EA since renewing the Star Wars license in 2013, has only released Battlefront 1 & 2, and canceled the Visceral Star Wars game.

CrimzonRazor388d ago

Disney shutdown all their studios a few years ago, they wont reopen them. They have no desire to be in the development world anymore which is how ea got involved.

babadivad388d ago

Force Awakens already hurt the brand.

Sciurus_vulgaris387d ago

I think the Force Awakens is one of the most overrated movies in recent memory, no plot creativity what so ever.

gantarat388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

You know Battlefront 2 isn't only EU media that tell what happen after EP 6 before EP 7 right ?

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feedthereaper388d ago

If Disney expect to answer one of the biggest mysteries and plot twists of such a crucial story element in the new trilogy by making people buy a publicly criticised game, it would damage the entire series of films. Not everyone wants to buy, play and sit through a console game to fine out the huge plot twist in a movie.

joab777388d ago

According to this author, “fans are still caught up on that little detail.” Little detail? Lol!

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