PlayStation VR Black Friday Sales Hit UK Retailers

Some amazing deals are available for those yet to purchase a PlayStation VR.

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Cupid_Viper_3365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Well, it currently seems that people are snatching it up. It is currently sitting at #3 on

EDIT: Nevermind that, I accidentally refreshed the page and it's a #1 now...

G20WLY364d ago

Yup, VR Focus had an article stating it was number one of ALL products on Amazon until it ran out of stock. Impressive!

fei-hung364d ago

Yup. Tried to get one today and it was sold out on amazon UK, game, argos and a few other places. Managed to get one in smyths finally. Looks like they are clearing out PSVR stock for the new model. Crazy to think that just a year ago it would have cost £349 just for the headset, now you get the camera, VR Worlds and a full priced game.

corroios365d ago

Its an amazing deal and the price is soooooo much better.

Gwiz364d ago

This is a much better price point,snagged zeh deal.