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18 Months ago, Phil Spencer stood on stage at the end of the Xbox Press Conference at E3 2016 and made a very bold statement, saying that by Fall 2017 Microsoft would release the world’s most powerful console, codenamed Project Scorpio.

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EasilyTheBest363d ago

Wow, what a review. Well done Microsoft

S2Killinit363d ago

What are they basing this review on? Just power? I mean we dont really need a review to tell us about its games, they’ve been around for 4 years. We know what to expect better than the reviewer.

Sayai jin363d ago

They are reviewing the console. Just look at other console reviews.

343_Guilty_Spark363d ago

Lot of great things on the X besides power

XStation4pio_Pro363d ago

It’s s mid cycle console refresh, not a new,next gen console. It’s only function is to be more powerful. Just like the PS4 pro, not usher in a secret stash of next gen games

NoPeace_Walker363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

"I mean we dont really need a review to tell us about its games"

Digital Foundry comparison already did. The Evil within 2 1800p vs 1260p and below on the other consoles. Battle Front 2 and COD WII can dynamic scale up to 2160p on the X while the other console versions max dynamic resolution is 1440p. Shadow of War have 4K textures while it is missing on the other consoles. Forza 7, Gears of War 4 are native 4K games and future games like Read Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5, Kingdom Heart 3 and Anthem will be best played on console on the X. Also Xbox 360 games and OG Xbox games can get enhanced 4K thanks to the power of the X. What else is there to talk about??...9.4 is a great score and well deserved for the Beast!

Trying to move the goal posts on a positive X Beast review is like the Walkman....old news man. LoL

S2Killinit363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Oh no i totally understand guys, if power is the only thing they are rating then i would give it a higher score than they have. But since its a mid-gen console i wouldn’t give it even a 6 out of 10 if its games are to be a factor. I think MS has really dropped the ball this generation and i think looking back at the last 4 years, its hard to justify the utter lack of standout gaming on this platform.

I think if 4 years ago someone told me that the biggest games on xbox will be Forza and maybe gears and halo. I would not have believed them. Looking back i dont think anyone would have been happy with the way xbox has performed.

DLConspiracy362d ago

Give me a break. Watch any Digital Foundry fanbutter video. Which version would you prefer to play? The better one of course. People are buying it for now so. I guess nobody has as many issues with "dropping the ball". I will agree that it would be nice if MS pushed new IPs but the same people constantly waving the "xbox doesn't have games" flag are the same ones who say if it can also play on PC it doesn't count. It has games that play better else where.

threefootwang362d ago

Lol why are you even here?

You're defeating your own argument of "exclusives" determining the greatness of your console by constantly showing up in Xbox articles.

It just shows that you, a known PS4 Fanboy, is incredibly salty about the lack of power that the Sony camp is currently offering.

Furthermore, until you actually OWN an X, your whole "Xbox has no games/exclusives" is a complete load of crap.

The amount of games I currently have lined up to play that are not on PS4 will keep me very busy well into next year.

conanlifts362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I did a quick search PS4 1080p 900p and clicked on 1 article from a few years ago. Your comments are interesting. Here is an example

"S2Killinit1154d ago
i think some people mistakenly believe the problem is that people think Xbone can't do 1080p. No one argues that xbone can do 1080. but at what cost. both to the developer, and to other things like textures. fact is, xbone is an inferior machine, that is a fact. this means, that some developers won't have the funds, will, talent, or desire, to bend over backward and get you a product that is on par with PS4. Especially since that effort could go into making the game better on PS4. or half of that effort could go to PS4 and half to xbone, which would still make the PS4 version better. So as long as you are ok playing some games with inferior quality, then there is no problem at all. "

What is amusing is now reading all of your comments regarding X where you "cant see the difference" .

S2Killinit362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

what exactly is incorrect in my comment? or inconsistent with what I'm saying here? I fully stand behind everything I said there.

The difference between then and now is that xbox is not the console with the games. In that scenario we had the PS4 which had, both: (1) more games, and (2) better graphics. I have no problem with xboneX being more powerful, after all it came out a year after the Pro, it should be more powerful. But, that still doesn't make it a better console because it has no games (relatively speaking).

Did I deny that it has more power? No. Did I say more power is bad? No. But if I had to choose between a console maker that makes games, and another console maker that doesn't believe making games is all that integral to a gaming console, and constantly pushes for the eventual demise of console gaming, then yeah, I would take the former any day.

If people here are happy with what Microsoft has given them this generation, then I really feel bad for the future of console gaming.

conanlifts362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Lets just take these 2 sentences from each of your comments.

"The difference between then and now is that xbox is not the console with the games" Firstly Xbox has games, but as it stands PS4 is showing off more 1st party exclusives.

"as long as you are ok playing some games with inferior quality" Now looking at this part of the comment it would have only ever applied to multiplatform games. You were happy to put this label at the start of this gen for multiplatform games. Yet now you state xbox has no games when the majority on both system are multiplatform. So why make this statement a few years ago, which would have only applied to the multiplatform games and not admit that it still applies now.

I fully admit that MS have been lacklustre with 1st party this year, but in previous years and owning both systems I found more to play on xbox than PS4 1st party wise. This year that certainly changed with PS4. As for next year they have some great games announced, but as it stands Sony's line up looks more promising, but few have release dates or even release windows.

S2Killinit362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I don't understand, those two statements are completely compatible. I actually said:
"as long as you are ok playing some games with inferior quality, then there is no problem at all.

This is a correct and truthful statement. The same goes for Playstation gamers now, because power is relative. So, I don't understand how what I said then and what I say now is inconsistent...

As to saying "I don't see the difference", I do not recollect saying that because I'm pretty sure I've always said: "the difference is minuscule, but the xboxX looks slightly sharper". If I ever said "I don't see the difference" then its an exaggeration on my part, not a denial, or trolling. Why? because there is a difference, although its not much of a difference. My point has always been that I won't pay MS another 550+ dollars just because they came out with the newest machine, they need to show me why their console is worth it, and they haven't done that this generation.

As to xbox being lackluster "this year" that is an unfair and misleading statement. The truth is that there are literally hundreds more games on Playstation. The number of exclusives on PS4 is constantly increasing, and its not just first party games.

The problem with MS's business strategy is that they don't believe in making games. I've said this before. MS relies on a big marketing push at the beginning of each console release/generation, they buy a couple of 3rd party heavy hitters at this time while the instal bases are small and exclusivity deals are cheap. Then, once gamers have bought into their platform, they sit back and let their financial might do the rest. They don't actually MAKE games, they just rely on 3rd parties for exclusivity deals, and/or bully (use whatever word you want) small indie developers through the "parity clause" to release on their platform. The problem with this business model is 2 fold: (1) First, it relies on gaining a larger instal base at the beginning of the generation, otherwise the whole strategy flops, and they find themselves in the situation they are in now, (2) from a gamer's perspective, MS is a gaming console maker that doesn't actually add anything to the gaming habitat (relatively speaking), instead they deny others from playing things they could have played had MS not employed these strategies (this is not to say others don't do this, but you can see that MS relies heavy on this strategy to the point that their 1st party is almost non-existent).

So, if you disagree with me, fine. But I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

Professor_K362d ago

"Just power?" Thats a vague way to look at it...but yes power plays a HUGE ROLE in videogames.

conanlifts362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Obviously i have a rebuttal.

"from a gamer's perspective, MS is a gaming console maker that doesn't actually add anything to the gaming habitat (relatively speaking), "

I would argue cross play, play anywhere and backwards compatibility add a huge amount to the gaming habitat and are some of the best gaming choices this gen. Plus xbox x 360 enhancements for free is another example.

"They don't actually MAKE games, they just rely on 3rd parties for exclusivity deals, and/or bully (use whatever word you want) small indie developers through the "parity clause" to release on their platform"

The vast majority of ps4 exclusives were also third party. Ironically this gen sony are also the company with exclusive marketing deals and exclusive content. As for ms not making games. They need to make more but they do make games. Sea of thieves, crackdown, halo wars etc.

As for the only difference being increased sharpness. There is more to it than just sharpness. You labelled xbox one games as inferior to ps4, yet the gap between pro and x is far greater due to advantages in every hardware aspect rather than just the gpu and memory speed.

Competition from ps4 has been fantastic this gen. Without the domination from Sony ms would not have done half the things they have and this gen ms in my opinion have excelled in every thing except 1st party games.

AAWELLS09362d ago

You know exactly what this review is based on but, sure play dumb.

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Bigpappy362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I am playing my Scorpio on a 1080p TV for now (4K TV is storage as we sold our home). This system has me looking at game like tomb Raider and Assassin's creed, and wondering if they can look any better on my 4K screen. Laura looks sooo incredible. Definitely boneable. When she falls to her death I get water in my eyes.

All of my BC games play and look better now. All of them!... even the balls in Zuma have more detail. Remember, I am play on a 1080p screen.
Load times for Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed and almost non existent when they die. We a talking 5-10 seconds here. BC games load faster too.
When I download big games, I try not to queue too many at a time. For large game 2 and I start the download at bed time. When I turn on the X again its is ready to go.

mcstorm362d ago

I to can't wait to see what the x looks like on a 4k tv but seeing what it dose on a 1080 tv is amazing. If Microsoft can now start to produce more quality AAA games the Xbox x could really turn things around for Microsoft just like the switch has for Nintendo and also abit like Sony did with the PS3 in the end.

headblackman363d ago

im extremely satisfied with my xbox one x purchase. now im eagerly anticipating e3 2018 to see what new games that will be coming out to take advantage of this system (1st party and 3rd party)

Bobafret363d ago

Some people seem to disagree with your being extremely satisfied with the X.

bluefox755363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Or...and this might sound crazy...but maybe they disagree with it being a good purchase, or maybe they are not in fact eagerly awaiting the next MS E3?

headblackman362d ago

it's ok. hate makes the world go around, but it won't stop my joy :-)


Sayai jin363d ago

It's just a serving of salt...fanboys. Let people enjoy their system of preference without the hate.

I got a Scorpio, but have not been able to game yet. Home renovation keeps one busy. I hAve a huge black log of PS4 and Xbox games.

On topic...another solid review.

headblackman362d ago

good deal. priorities first. you're gonna love it :-)

Frinker363d ago

The ultimate gaming platform

362d ago
maybelovehate363d ago

Best console ever created for sure. Going to PS4 and Switch feels like going back a generation or two “or five in the Switch’s case” from a technical standpoint.

Strafe362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

How can the Switch be 2 or 5 generations back when it's more powerful than the last generation?

EDIT:I think the Xbox One X is a great console btw, just don't see the need for such idiotic statements. I'm a pc gamer mostly but I certainly don't feel like I'm going back 'generations' when I play my ps4.

DrumBeat362d ago

Just the way it feels, brother. When you play in older, lower resolutions you feel like you're back in the Stone Age. Even if the Stone Age was a month ago.

maybelovehate362d ago

It really does feel that way though. Especially on a 4K screen. So disappointing. Especially when Mario and Zelda deserve so much better

NoPeace_Walker363d ago

Well deserved. The X is the best console for 4K TV and no other console is close. Best purchase I had made this year.

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