TGS: New Resident Evil 5 Screenshots

Capcom have released 22 new screenshots of Resident Evil 5.

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J BO3387d ago

is this suppose to be a horror game? it is more like MGS.I am really disappointing from Capcom.

TheIneffableBob3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Yeah, it looks more like a straight up action game than survival horror.

But I guess that's what makes money nowadays...

hay3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Well, RE4 was cool action game and I think RE5 will be more action, less horror than 4. I hope Dead Space will be true horror.

Ghoul3387d ago

Ah wonderfull the crystal ball

wait for release
play the game
THEN judge the game.

felidae3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

you're right, Capcom has taken steps in the wrong direction. it's more like Gears of War now.

i loved the first RE games with puzzles and "real" horror atmosphere but now it's just another shooter .. really sad. the latest trailers didn't scare me at all.

i'll buy Dead Space because it looks more like my type of game.


- Little Big Planet
- PES 09
- Motorstorm 2
- Dead Space
- Bioshock
- Resistance 2
- Far Cry 2
- Fallout 3
- Prince of Persia
- Mirror's Edge
- Wipeout HD
- Eternal Sonata
- Call of Duty 5
- Tomb Raider Underworld
- Saints Row 2
- Rise of the Argonauts
- NBA 2K 9
- Silent Hill Homecoming
- Guitar Hero World Tour

.. i'm sure i forgot some but damn, so many great games to play.

it will be hard to take Little Big Planet out of the PS3 ;-)

MvmntInGrn3387d ago

Awww you are still going to play RE5 right? Different direction but still great quality.

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DoctorXpro3387d ago

Hell Yeah my favorite game amazing trailer and kick ass graphics.

tee_bag2423387d ago

Im pretty sure this game is going to be sweet like all the rest... just look at it. Im happy capcom are trying to make day horror... very refreshing and im preeety sure its going to turn out awesome.

Take a look at the extended trailer in HD... nuff' said ;)

MvmntInGrn3387d ago

Definitely more action now, will still be a great game. Dead Space looks scary.

chrisgay3386d ago

Resi 4 was a step in the wrong direction as far as I'm concerned and this looks like more of the same. I'll take Dead Space, thanks.

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