Will Final Fantasy VII Remake be at PlayStation Experience? Sony Drops a Clue

Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed two years ago during 2015's PlayStation Experience. This year's PSX is nearly upon us, and will be here in less than a month! Everything will be unfolding on Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10. As each subsequent PSX and E3 come and go, we've waited with bated breath for our next look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Will this year finally be the year? It's not looking too promising, unfortunately.

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Blastoise66d ago

This game is never going to come out

Avery__66d ago

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DigitalCentralMedia66d ago

They should focus all their effort on KH3. After KH3 is released (if ever) then they should focus on FF7 and start promoting it and stuff

BlahBlahWhatever66d ago

KH whenever come out is not gonna make even half the sales FFVIIR is gonna make & I'm sure you know that & you are still saying that they must focus on KH3 & leave FFVIIR? there is over 10 million people out there who wanna know news & can't w8 to get it on their hands, so which is more important you think?

DigitalCentralMedia66d ago

Don't underestimate KH. They sell very well.

BlahBlahWhatever66d ago

@DigitalCentralMedia Only the first KH back on PS2 did good sales, the second much less & any spin-off around 1/5 of the main titles, FFVII sold over 10 million on PS1 alone without PC/digital sales, now if you think that is going to be a multi-platform game this time what is gonna happen when we finally get it? btw I forgot to say that the region most interested in KH is NA, that's from where most of the sales come from, in comparison the sales of FFVII are split evenly to each region, people all over the world are interested for FFVII while mostly NA is interested for KH, from all that isn't obvious which must be the first priority for SE?

Fullmetalevolust66d ago

I don't know that I would announce it ahead of time if I were to plan a mega bomb surprise with gameplay. I don't see Squenix not having a presence.

-Gespenst-66d ago

I'd agree if they were announcing it for the first time, but hiding your attendance to "surprise" people with a game that's already been announced and from which we've already seen gameplay seems kind of silly.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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