TGS 08: PSP Plus adds DualShock 3 controller functionality

This just in from The upcoming PSP game will utilize a newly developed technology called "PSP Plus." The feature will allow players of Resistance Retribution to connect their systems to the PS3 to enable use of PS3 wireless controllers.

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BrunoM3568d ago

ok now that is something KOOLL.. can you people really see what these can do for other games ??

ok so the kick ass news for Sony have started im waiting for the ress here lol..

DeforMAKulizer3568d ago

True... Its can open up a completely new aspect of handheld controls!
Dual analogs, vibration and fits into the hand and resists the pressure =D

ape0073568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

cool,great features

looking forward to it

thereapersson3568d ago

Hopefully this will quell the whiners who were complaining about the lack of dual analog functionality on the PSP.

slave2Dcontroller3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I was one of those people! and YES I am happy now.

QuackPot3568d ago

I'm still whining.

Just make a PSP2 with rumble, six-axis, dual analogs, R1&2, L1&2. It should also be able to receive a SD-AV transmissions from an add-on connected to your Ps3 so you can fully control/use your ps3 anywhere in your house as well as play all your Ps3 games from the PSP2. Awesomeness supreme.

The Psp2 and Ps3 would compliment each other significantly.

thereapersson3568d ago

And then when it releases and costs 300 dollars, you will proceed with whining again.

PirateThom3568d ago

Rumble would kill the battery in a handheld.

QuackPot3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )


won't be that expensive.

since a DS3 controller costs about $50 plus say another $50 for SD receiver, extra analog and R/L buttons. It'll be lucky to reach an extra $100....and of course prices will drop with reduced production costs.

Sony will be fools not to do this - especially when Ps3 sales start rocketing with the next price drop next year.

Let me whine in peace.


I just thought of a new CONTROLLER = DS3 controller with LCD + speakers + AV receiver. No more than $150. Damn, now that would be awesome and would sell like hot cakes....


a click on LCD/speaker with SD-AV receiver. Just attach it to your existing DS3 and voila portable Ps3 gaming.

thereapersson3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

The current PSP costs 199. Another 100 dollars added onto that cost will equal 299 (basically 300).

QuackPot3568d ago

$50 Ds3 is full price including battery, r/l buttons, two analogs. Of course it won't be translated to $50 extra to add to the PsP but will be less. Likewise the price of reciever will be less than $50. It'll be unlikely the extra cost will reach $100 at all - more like $50 in total.

Also, here in NZ psp sell for NZ$300. That's about US$160. So that's a US$210 PSP2. But this is all guessing for something that doesn't exist. But there's no way in hell a PsP2 would be selling for $600 NZ dollars.

A large LCD-speaker-AV receiver click on to your existing DS3 controller would be another awesome accessory that would like cost around $100 US.

thereapersson3568d ago

Because that doesn't ever translate to actual MSRP. Please enlighten me here as to what you are talking about.

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No FanS Land3568d ago

I only own Dualshock3 controllers but I presume this is a great way of recycling your SIXAXIS or just download the pc driver for them.

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