How long have video game stores actually got left (and can they save themselves)?

Physical game sales are falling and high-street game stores face increased competition from online retailers. Is there anything they can do to stay open?

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Littil_Devil389d ago

Niche stores will always be around, but the rest will have a very hard time staying alive...

shaun mcwayne388d ago

They should introduce loot boxes and micro transactions, everyone else is doing it.

LastCenturyRob388d ago

One of my first jobs growing up right after high school was at a mom and pop video game store....long before Gamestop and EB put them out of business. No toys on the wall...or exclusive comic books or tee shirts...Just video games. It only paid minimum wage but I received a really good employee discount (almost cost) that helped advance my collection and was the only way I could afford my Neo Geo at the time, so that was pretty cool. I enjoyed it! Looked forward to going to work. This was when video games were not yet mainstream and still a fringe hobby.

Unless it was a kid just getting into the hobby or their parents buying them games, pretty much everyone who came in was an enthusiast so the conversations were always good ones. I worked in the LA area and would even get a celebrity or two come in who were every bit the gaming geeks as all the others who came in. Was sad to see most of those type of gaming stores disappear...a while ago now. Even though Gamestop is a big conglomo that pretty much put private brick and mortar game stores out of business, that now caters to majority casuals and trendy stuff it will still be sad to see it it go the way of the Dodo. Which it most likely will do in time. Just the nature of how things are in gaming and retail overall. Time marches on I guess.

datriax388d ago

They'll be around for as long as a noteworthy amount of people have demand for them. No less.

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The story is too old to be commented.