GameStop's 'buy four used games for $10' promo runs through Black Friday

Remember last month's used game promotion from GameStop? The popular sale is back with a vengeance and with plenty more qualifying games. Through most of November and early December, you can now pick up select four used games at GameStop and get them for only $10. At the current count, you’re seeing over 3,400 titles that qualify for this sale.

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crazychris4124365d ago

Thats a sweet deal, basically half off. Gonna get MW3, ODST, Saboteur and Singularity for the 360.

ABizzel1365d ago

There's also a free Xbox 360 deal as well, after mail-in rebates of course. I have no clue how they're doing this or profiting from it, but you can buy an Xbox 360 for $60, and get a $60 Visa after rebates.

I'll be getting at least 3 of them to donate for charity, and since they're Buy 2 get 1 free it's an even better deal. Spend $120 on 3, 360's get a $180 Visa back.

Now that I think of it, this is probably going to be abused like the buy 3 game promotion earlier this year.

Sgt_Slaughter364d ago

Where is that deal at? I can't find anything about it.

364d ago
3-4-5364d ago

Yea where is this deal at? sounds amazing.

I miss my 360...kind of want another one because sports games last gen were better and had more content.

darthv72364d ago

Singularity is a good game.

Tazzy364d ago

Does Modern Warfare 3 play in the Xbox One S???

r3f1cul364d ago

perfect time to double up with that arkham asylum game of the year as it has another 1k for whatever reason and i'll scoop up a LA noire on the cheap along with a couple others to fill out the deal for what is essentially free ... why not :D

GNCFLYER364d ago

Basically it's the games that no one ever wanted or everyone traded in.

There are 19 qualifying PS4 titles. I saw five annual sports titles that were a year or two old. And stuff like the sing game.

Nothing for me but some will like it.

X1X owners will probably go in on this because of BC and how the system automatically upgrades those experiences resolution and AF..

cooperdnizzle364d ago

Those are the worst games ever. This is a horrible deal. Best Buy has evil within 2 for 25 bucks and Wolfensien and a bunch of other good deals and the games are new. Fail for GameStop