Do Japanese Games Actually Have a Shot at The Game Awards?

Destructoid: “History would tell us no.

For most of the games announced yesterday, the 2017 Game Awards have been a long time coming. From the moment The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hit the Switch, we knew it was a contender. Same goes for Super Mario Odyssey and the first time we saw Mario capture a T-Rex. Horizon: Zero Dawn has been a lock as well and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has had a shot at the top prize so long as those voting could look past the fact it is still an Early Access game. Rounding out the nominees for Game of the Year is Persona 5, a milestone that is quite significant for the franchise.

All-in-all I wouldn't say I'm that surprised by these nominees. They're a good bunch and any one of them would make a fine GOTY winner. Any of them would, but if history is any indication, three of them don't have a chance. Odyssey, Breath, and Persona face a system that appears to be working against them. It’s not because they aren’t beloved or well-reviewed or crowning achievements in their respective genres, because they are. No, these titles simply seem to be at a disadvantage because of where they were made.”

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opinionated363d ago

Nintendo maybe but nioh deserves it and won’t get it. It’s still my personal goty.

Cyro363d ago

I think it has a fair shot especially for GoTY. 3 of those games are Japanese. I would be shocked if Persona 5, SMO, and BoTW walked away without any award.

DreadGara362d ago

Yes it does. For this and many other years from before.

Shout-out to the below:
Gt Sport
Persona 5
Mario Odyssey
Zelda botw
Guilty Gear rev2
Tekken 7
Yakuza 0
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
Sonic Mania
Tales of Berseria
Resident Evil 7
The Last Guardian (for not being added in 2016 awards)

Segata361d ago

Undertale is 2 years old and a western game.

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