MS Says Raising Xbox 360 Forecast for Japan

Microsoft Corp said on Thursday sales of its Xbox 360 video game console are surpassing its own projections in Japan, and the company is revising up its shipment forecast for the country.

Japan, the home market to two of its biggest rivals, Sony Corp and Nintendo had been a clear weak spot for Microsoft's game business until recently.

But Microsoft in September cut the price of its Xbox 360 in Japan, helping the game machine outsell Sony's PlayStation 3 in the month. That was the first time the Xbox 360 has beaten the Sony console in monthly sales in Japan.

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Yi-Long3452d ago

... regardless if you're a Sony gamer, or a 360 gamer (or both).

The better 360 does in Japan, the more developers will also develop for the 360, and the more the PS3 will have to raise it's game and quality to keep up. So it means 'gaming' will improve on a quality-level, on a 'diversity' level, on an 'artistic' level, and they will keep competing in price.

So great news that microsoft is now finally also doing pretty well in Japan. For all parties involved.

Citizen Cook3452d ago

16 - Patchstation3
'Sony has recorded bigger losses from commercializing its PlayStation 3 console than it managed to bring in from selling its PlayStation 2; these statistics apply for all the five years the company had been riding the wave. According to some, these losses could add up to no less than $3 billion.'

All true ^^^

While M$ is MAKING money on its 360, even after the RRoD Billion and price cut, Sony continue to LOSE money. Last gen, M$ could afford it, this gen, Sony can't. They arn't as strong and powerful and rich as M$. This is hurting them like a kick to the nuts.

I like it!

I wouldn't be surprised to see sony leave the console business within the next 1-2 years. They can't take the pounding we see them getting here. At the rte they are selling consoles, (and piling on the debt) they will NEVER catch M$. Its clear M$ are pullng out in head now again, and PS3rd has no chance of catching up...

Maybe they should repackage the PS2 with a Wii-like remote and Blu-Ray call it a PS4... Cancel the PS3, and start making some MONEY!!!


I actualy think sONY have given up hope for the PS3rd now, they are just riding the wave of desperation...