[TGS 08] New screenshots of Bayonetta

Pro-gamers published some new pictures full of action.

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Max Power3512d ago

no crotch shot like in the trailer?

thereapersson3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

However, if the gameplay is as frantic as the Devil May Cry games, I think we might have a winner; I'm keeping a (skeptical) eye on this title.

CardboardGun3512d ago

Sarah Palin - The Game??

No, it does actually look a bit fun. DMC, only with a crazy hairy woman as the protagonist in stead. Can work, I guess..

thereapersson3512d ago

The concept behind this character reminds me a bit of Milia Rage from Guilty Gear, in that both characters have total control over their hair as a weapon, and are equally beautiful as they are deadly.

jlemdon3512d ago

She doing a move like Donovan from NightWarriors.

Sign me up for this game.

Mwaan3512d ago

Looks just like Devil May Cry. And that's a good thing.

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