Tekken 6 - TGS Trailer

The king of the Iron Fist tournament returns.

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BrunoM3510d ago

looks kool... even tho i always like MUCH more Virtua Fighter than Tekken ... ..

so let me see if i got these Tekken 6 is 360 and the PS3 gets Tekeen 6 BLOOD LINE ?

o well kool wont be geting these one dont like it but good to see that the game looks kick ass

Johnny Cullen3510d ago


The console verison of Tekken 6 that will be going to the PS3 and 360 is Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

Narutone663510d ago

that they have to delay the game for the PS3 so that the it could be release simultaneously with the 360.

slapsta723510d ago

im pretty confused with the release dates / version that the ps3 and 360 are getting

was ps3 delayed for 360 development?
are they both getting bloodline rebellion version?

im kinda just sick of waiting for tekken 6, seems like forever now

jay23510d ago

Bloodline Rebellion and other modes for the consoles will be in Tekken 6 on day one.