Why “Games as a Service” Makes Sense For Sports

Companies seem eager to turn games into some sort of service. Could this be a tactic that might benefit an entire genre?

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-Foxtrot367d ago

The thing is with these yearly sports games they only attract a certain audience, sport fans and honestly since they pay for the same game with hardly no changes yearly MTs would go right over them.

I'd like MTs and the like to go away but even shifting them to sports games would be a start...I mean what gamer would just play on nothing but sports games.

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Apocalypse Shadow367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

No. It still won't benefit gamers with EA in control of all the licenses and most athletes under contract with them and their continued monopoly.

See any other football games? See any other MMA games? See any boxing games? See any other hockey games? See any college games? With EA and all those contracts, no one else can compete without names and logos.

Oh. And if most don't know already, when Midway went under, who went and bought NBA Jam and NFL Blitz? Why none other than EA. Who helped contribute to Midway's DEMISE by using their marketing dollars against them and making a competing product just like Midway's games of NFL and NBA Street. Fancy that. They killed competition. Then bought their assets.

Only reason you see baseball and basketball is because of Take Two buying the license years ago so that others could make a game. And because the NBA said no to EA.

GaaS money would all be going into one pocket which is EA. Which in turn, would give them enough revenue and profits to continue to lock up the licenses. With those supporting EA Access fueling their continued license buying.

It would just make them even more than just scum.

bigmalky366d ago

2K are doing the same though. Their models for NBA and WWE 2K18 (the latter aiming for MTs and slow progression next year by the looks) are pretty much pay full price and grind or pay for the 'shortcut' to being good enough to compete.

It shouldn't just be EA all this rage is focused on, it's anyone who is pushing games as a service. EA, Microsoft, 2K, Take Two, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros Interactive so far.

All of these guys need to be watched very closely in the coming months and have the same treatment as we've seen with EA over Battlefront if they continue to treat us like gullible money monkeys.

Apocalypse Shadow366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

True about NBA 2K pulling the MT crap. But then, I don't buy MTs. And, I stopped buying yearly made franchises with small changes. I did that years ago and it's just a waste of money. Haven't bought a sports game in over a decade. Because of EA or franchise fatigue.

And if current and future sports games don't have a VR option, I'm really not buying them. I was going to buy MLB the show but it didn't have VR. And 2K put out that 3 point contest VR garbage which I didn't buy luckily.

MTs can be good if done right. But I'd rather items be unlockable from play like the games I played years ago.

bigmalky366d ago

Yes Apocalypse, but the problem with these MTs is that they also come with a slowed down progression system, making games less fun...

The entire point of games.

I played WWE 2K18, and the speed at which you progress absolutely kills the enjoyment. It doesn't have MTs yet, but it was definitely set up for it. Lootboxes that cost 10000 VC that contain moves, attire parts, boosts and even haircuts... You earn 600 VC tops for a twenty minute match and it means playing around 40 on average matches at 2 1/2 stars to unlock one box. Seeing as it's random, you are left hoping for the parts/moves you need.

It's mind numbing and has to stop.

Apocalypse Shadow366d ago

Sounds like that mobile game garbage. I ran into some games that had that nonsense of slow progression. But if you spent some real money, you could get things early.

I quickly uninstalled that crap. Couldn't stand it. Some of the games I actually liked too. So it was disappointing that I had to let them go. So, I know what you mean in that it ruins the whole experience.

Only kept games like Sword of Xolan , Limbo, The Counter of Death, etc that are excellent without none of that garbage.

datriax366d ago

"Why Games as a Service can F**k Off, Since They Will Spill Over Into Everything Else Eventually. Give an Inch, They Take a Mile."

Ya, title is a bit long, doesn't really roll off the tongue. Far better than yours though.