The Ryan Lambie column: 7 top frustration-busting games

Sometimes, you need a videogame just to take out the ills of the world on. Here are seven suggestions...

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Yi-Long3386d ago

... and I only have time for a little bit of playing...

I enjoy throwing in Fight Night, and pick a heavyweight, usually Ali.... and then I pick the smallest, tiniest fighter in the game as my opponent... and then I just beat the **** out of him, BUT NOT KNOCKING HIM OUT!!! EVER!!!

Just keep on pounding him, and when he's 'dazed' and ready to fall down, I just ridicule the poor bastard but dont hit him. I try to do that for as many rounds as possible :D

Def Jam: FFNY is also a GREAT game to let loose some steam, with those awesome finishing moves :) DJ:FFNY was last gen's greatest fighting game (although it could have used more levels)