First Image of The Playstation Bluetooth Package has the first image of the standalone PlayStation 3 Blu-tooth headset package.

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SCEA3569d ago

this headset is going to be cool

LightningPS33569d ago

They might as well just toss this headset into the garbage because they're forfeiting this console race.

thereapersson3569d ago

Let's see how many disagrees Lightning garners from his comment this time around...

Ghoul3569d ago

lightning you must be a very very lonely kid that you seriously comment every ps3 topic on this page,

hey go out meet friends (or get some in the first place) this is the internet its fictional not real understand ?

LightningPS33569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

as well as myself will all be very lonely kids when the NPD comes out.

JsonHenry3569d ago

I wish that the PS3 shipped with a headset of some kind. It was a real shock to me playing online the first few days on the PS3 and realizing that about 95% of the people never talked compared to 99% of the people on Xboxlive that did talk.

Also - playing online where no one talks and the team does not work together makes you feel like you are just playing with AI controlled BOTs.

Jihaad_cpt3569d ago

Well since you don't work for Sony how would you know what the hell they need to do? The PS3 selling just fine. Considering price which is not ridiculous considering Blu-ray player. Are you feeling a little broke since the sub prime fiasco? Sony will adjust the price when they need to.

PopEmUp3568d ago

you mean bunch of kid whining and screaming at your ears man that sound awesomes!!!! nothing is better than Xbox live for sure :D

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BrunoM3569d ago

Looks sexy .. o well to bad already got my Sony bluethooth head set .. it came with my SonyEricsson W910 .. and its DAMN great amasing sound..

SCEA3569d ago

I really like how the headset is made for the system

TopNews3569d ago

Man I tell you, I'm going to be so broke this month and next month.

With this and all the games coming out, its going to be crazy

BrunoM3569d ago

i know what you man topnews lol.... damn i need to let off these games thing .. i think it would be cheaper to go for cocain .. damn lol

ooo well i love my video games ...

PoSTedUP3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

tell me about it.....

nba09: the inside (got it)
cod: [email protected]

+ ALOT of PSN games too!

pwnsause3569d ago

hopefully Sony Repackages this headset on the next PS3 SKU. it needs it really badly.

Lou-Cipher3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Does anyone know if the Socom bundled headset will come with the cradle or if it will only be included with the headset only package?

I would like to buy Socom for $10 but if it does not come with the cradle for the headset then I will buy it by itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.