Edge: Weighing the Heft of Killzone 2

It's not ugly so much as bleakly unadventurous: Killzone 2's world is an elision of space marine cliché and desaturated World War II grit, lacking Halo's flamboyance, Gears Of War's steroidal absurdity or Call Of Duty's moral consternation. But if Killzone 2's setting and aesthetic initially seems like something only its mother could love, then actually playing it throws up quite a different point of view.

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Endorphin3423d ago

This person went to school.

HighDefinition3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

People BASH and BASH Killzone2 for "cliches" found in the SP, I realized a FEW months ago.....KZ2s MP is what this game REALLY has going for it. So bash the AI, bash the story (which I don`t agree w/ BTW).

BUt,Do any of the complaints REALLY matter in the MP part of the game?

NO, Fact is, if people LIKE COD4 MP, they are going to LOVE Killzone2`s MP.

Dark General3422d ago

Yeah if you like CoD4 or TF2 you'll it's looking like you'll love Killzone 2's multiplayer. Customization of CoD4, classes like TF2 and really good stat tracking.

Black_Jack3422d ago

typical edge pretentious bullshit. we're gamers not english teachers, i don't rate journalists by the mass of their vocabulary.

Panthers3422d ago

This is EDGE. We knew they would do this. But Halo is the complete opposite of cliche isnt it?

Cenobia3422d ago


That's exactly what I thought when I read this. I don't understand, do they think their target audience is lawyers that play games? Just tell us without sounding like total douchebags, or go write a book about something else.

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thor3423d ago

It's a good preview. Balances the bad (cliché and unremarkable set pieces, basic AI) with the good (feel of the game, atmosphere). Comes out pretty impressed with the multiplayer too.

One thing I will say about AI is, that people's perception of how "good" the AI is is not related to how complex it actually is. In fact, I don't really know why devs don't take a hint from games which were praised for their AI, like uncharted for example. The AI in that game isn't that complex, yet you feel like you can be outmanoeuvred by the enemies rather than outgunned. All the AI does is get closer to you, finding cover. That's all it does effectively. But if there's cover to your left or right, it'll take that as well as the centre and it will appear as though the AI is trying to flank you from both sides.

If in Killzone 2 the enemies were simply programmed to 1) Move forward and 2) Take cover in a sensible place, the AI would seem to be a huge improvement. It wouldn't be any more complex. I saw a video of crysis AI improvements. All the guy seemed to have done is get the enemies, when you shoot at them, to shoot back and run at you. Which didn't happen in standard crysis AI. I'm not quite sure why, but AI seems a rather simple thing to fix, though it's enshrined in the overall game design from the start as well.

yojoe263422d ago

I agree with your comment about developers needing to learn lessons about A.I from games that did it so well like uncharted but I'm just wondering: in a game like killzone 2 where dozens and dozens of enemies are attacking you at once wouldn't it make the game impossibly difficult and very frustrating if each enemy had the super A.I like uncharted enemies? i mean those guys were hard to kill in uncharted the way the rolled around, dodged grenade blasts and took cover behind trees and stuff; and there were usually never more than ten or so to face at once. I just think that if the A.I were that good in games like Killzone 2 it would make death a very, very common event and thus a very frustrating one. Just a thought. What do you think?

thor3422d ago

Yes that's what I meant by "it's enshrined in the overall game design from the start". Uncharted's design was such that there would be 5-10 enemies appear at once in an area, and they'd all attack you at once and try and get closer and closer in. Killzone 2 is typical FPS in that there are lots of enemies, in positions, shooting at you and your comrades from there. I suppose you're right, in Killzone 2 if the enemies were like Uncharted's then you'd have 20 or more people rushing at you at once.

This wouldn't make the game difficult. There are many ways to balance it, such as giving the enemies less health or poorer accuracy. But the way that you'd have all those enemies attacking you at once would mean you'd have 1 big firefight and then move on to the next area - much like Uncharted. I don't think this is a bad thing, but they probably would have had to have thought about it from the start with the level design. It certainly would have stopped the complaints about poor AI and I think the game could have been better for it.

thereapersson3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Just because you sleep with your thesaurus doesn't make your point any more valid. Seriously, calling Killzone 2 " elision of space marine cliché and desaturated World War II grit..", and then having the COMPLETE AUDACITY to excuse Gears of War's character design and horrible storyline because it's "over-the-top"? Only a fanboy would fail to see the imprudence of that comparison!

EDGE is seriously stuck way too far up their own collective asses, and this previewer displays so much pretension he is literally stroking his own ego by having the ability to publicly write the things he does. People actually defend this magazine? Don't tell me that having eloquent speech and verbiage automatically nets a publication positive credibility...

Hell, these guys were the same magazine that claimed you couldn't jump in this game. That says it all right there when it comes to their actual interest in this title. They're just having the damnedest time finding actual reasons to whinge about it, so they have to try their hardest to mask their frustration behind clever dialogue and asinine complaints.

P.S., yes, I know they gave aspects of the game praise, such as multiplayer. However, that still does not excuse the fact that the completely ridiculous excuse for a negative point against a game as pointed out above was even mentioned in the first place.

thor3423d ago

If you want to hate on a game, it's not hard. It's all too easy to complain that a game is too generic, I mean 99% of all games released are VERY similar to games released years ago. See: all sports games, all shooters, most RPGs.

thereapersson3423d ago

It seems all to easy to point out the negatives of anything, as opposed to staying positive and finding good things to overshadow the aforementioned complaints. The problem here, is how intensely certain individuals wish to dwell on previous innovations, and how they now bring nothing new to the table.

I mean, hell, I could talk about how much Gears of War rips off from Kill.Switch, or how Resistance 2 rips from Halo; however, instead of being a jackass and doing so, I actually concentrate on what makes each respective title as good or better than the original games they borrow aspects from.

Please excuse my long-winded responses!

Bigrhyno3422d ago

I could name quite a few things Killzone has borrowed from other games. The thing is, they have borrowed all the best things, making it the complete package. Ironically, that means that the negative things this guy had to say could be said about other top games. Overall it is a positive article though, and I can't wait for the game.

thereapersson3422d ago

Exactly, and that was my original problem with this article to begin with. If you read the opening paragraph, the writer basically excuses Gears of War and Halo for being the way they are, yet lambasts Killzone 2 for being "dark and chock full of stereotypical marine nonsense".

It's a goddamn double standard!

hay3422d ago

I still prefer heavy, almost dystopian world to strive in, full of commies, nazis, artificially enhanced supersoldiers to not artificially enhanced, super soldier who pwn aliens while speaking lamely ripped from Duke "ass kicking" sentences. You can add overly muscled also if you want.
If Killzone2 does the same great job with gameplay as with creating mood, I'm sold.

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rev203422d ago

Pretty positive preview for the multiplayer which is all you need to hear ;)

Strife Lives3422d ago

Looks beautiful.Really. And the atmosphere of war and the color,the darkness in it,is what I like.KZ2 is now the only exclusive game on PS3 I want.Im buying a PS3 soon,was going to for Tekken. .but. . .yeah. . .anyways,KZ2.i like.I just want Sony to make my money spent more worthwhile and drop more new I.Ps.

thor3422d ago

PS3 is worth the money for just Wipeout HD and LBP this holiday. I've not played Resistance 2 or Motorstorm 2 or Socom: Confrontation, but I've heard good things about them.

Dark General3422d ago

Socom: Confrontation is pretty damn good. I'm in the beta for that and LBP and both of them are purchases for me. I can care less about Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 to be honest.

hay3422d ago

Well, first Resistance is fun when playing coop. LPB is addictive and adorable as hell(I mean, a lot, hell is very... interesting plave but definetly not adorable). Motorsport? I have enough racers for now.

About WipeoutHD: It's awesome game. I love it for the difficulty, isn't that hard but requires skill and a bit practice to navigate through stages and some knowledge about them.
Similar to GT5, you can't just rush through the course in pinball style and still win.

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