Edge: TGS: Sega Report

On the evidence of its TGS showing, Sega is beginning to see rewards for maintaining close ties with the new houses of some of Japan's premier game designers.

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sonarus3421d ago

Sonic unleashed looking better on ps3...interesting

TheColbertinator3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Although I am dissapointed by SEGA in not reviving Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star on the consoles,they still did a fine job.Yakuza 3 looks like a graphical powerhouse and Bayonetta will be the action game that will take off the spotlight of DMC

sonarus3421d ago

Its been a LOOOONG time since sega has impressed me. But they definitely did it tonight

BrunoM3421d ago

YES STEVEN i wish that Skys Of Arcadia would make a come back .. but well not for now .. then again rpgs need some extra time ...

but what i really wanted was shenmue ..... humm and on that i think that YAKUZA3 even tho a good game on its on looking amasing is just a starting point for SHENMUE .. (i hope so so badlly lol...)

but all in all im happy with sega